Runaways Island – Lost Ark Guide

by Dealon Brounx

I’m going to walk you through the process of acquiring the token for Runaways Island in Lost Ark here in this article.

The location of Runaways Island can be found to the north of Arthetine. It is also located in the northern part of the Sea of Gienah if one looks hard enough.

How to Get Runaways Island Token in Lost Ark

The token for Runaways Island is a reward for gaining reputation. Completing the yellow quest will allow you to access the daily Una’s task – “Crook Catcher” . You must complete that quest a total of six times before your reputation can be raised to level 2, at which point you will be eligible to receive the runaways island token as a reward.

Crook Catcher Quest

The daily quest known as Crook Catcher is not too difficult to complete. First, you must locate three relais, and then you can turn in the quest. Therefore, you will need to search for three different people: the noble impersonator, the ransomer (who acts similarly to a bounty hunter), and the lockpicker prisoner. It is possible that any or all of the NPCs will appear at any time; consequently, they will “spawn” and then “despawn” approximately once every 20 or 30 seconds.

The very helpful map that details all of the relaying locations can be found up top. You should travel to the locations indicated by the red, green, and blue dots on the map, then turn in the quest. It is a very easy quest to complete, and it can be done very quickly. It is necessary to speak to Rembrandt’s character on the island in order to hand in the quest once you have located and spoken to all of the criminals on the island.

Yes, it is a very simple daily that can be completed in very little time. It will reward you with harmony shards as well as reputation. If you are unaware, completing daily tasks adds one point to your reputation meter; consequently, we will award you 10 reputation points on a daily basis. Doing the daily quests basically allows you to raise your reputation, which in turn grants you various rewards. For example, the criminal quest grants you pirate coins. You start off with 2,000 after completing the first level. 10,000 to advance to the next level.

Lost Ark’s Runaways Island Mokoko Seeds

On this island, there are also six locations where mokoko seed can be found. To successfully harvest any one of these three mokoko seeds, you will need to sing a song with resonance. This music must be played in close proximity to the statue at all times. You’ll need to go to the northernmost part of the island to find it. The next two seeds can be found in the village, which is located close to the middle of the map. They are buried beneath a tarp in that location. To find the last Mokoko seed, you will need to travel to the northern part of the island. It’s tucked away close to a house that’s been abandoned. It is not overly concealed, and I believe that it is possible for you to locate it. That is how to get the token for Runaways Island in Lost Ark.

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