SBMM in Warzone – How does it work?

by Dealon Brounx
SBMM in Warzone

Hello everyone, in this article i want to talk about SBMM in Call of Duty Warzone. Skill-based matchmaking is pretty new to cod. It doesn’t really make sense, why they put it in this game to be honest, but today i’ll be covering how it works in Warzone. Metrics, used the exact factors activation, uses to determine skill in Warzone. They are unknown, because Activision system is proprietary information.

However, there is a strong correlation between the kill-death ratio of a player and the skill of a lobby.

As a whole the number of wins a player, headshot percentage, average kills and movement percentage are other factors, that could be present in the algorithm. Players have tested the skills of lobbies based on the kill death ratio of a player. The results of their testing are incontrovertible and players, that improve their kd will have tougher opponents. The sbmm algorithm takes into account a player’s prior five games, which will affect the average kd.

In each lobby, one can test the theory by getting zero kills and five straight matches. The player’s sixth match will be far easier and the system encourages players deliberately to ruin his games for a finding a bot lobby with low skilled players. Initially, this matchmaking system, which infinity ward and activision adheres to, has its advantages. It allows you to create a friendly gaming environment for beginners. However Warzone sbmm has several brackets in place for below average, average and above average players.

The average kill death ratio of players in Warzone is somewhere between a 0.7 and 0.8 kd.

All players who, as a result of the game, have a kd higher than 1.5, get into a completely different level of the lobby. The level of which is significantly higher than a significant percentage of the Warzone lobby. Lobbies will usually have an average kd of 1.1 and higher. Additionally, players that have a 1.3 kt or higher represent the top 25 percent of players in the community. Skill-based matchmaking will take into account the average kd of each team in Warzone. This means, that players with the lowest kd on a team will have to play against better opponents. Players with higher kds will be playing against less skilled opponents.

Now, that player data is no longer public informational websites, such as the cod tracker and warzone sbmm, which collect all in-game stats for the player. Therefore it is much easier for not entirely honest players to cheat or abuse the sbmm game algorithms, because there is no longer any public evidence their guilt. The creators of the game even prefer to hide these facts. Warzone streamers and professional players are often accused of using vulnerabilities in the sbmm algorithm in order to make their game look more spectacular on highlights or streams. Everyone thought, that their level of play was much higher than it really is. It is worth remembering, that in this case all this is achieved at the expense of weak players, which is not very fair and friendly.

People try to simplify the average level.

Unfortunately, the action of this algorithm led to the fact that almost every player, who knew about it began to try in every possible way to simplify the average level of the game in his lobby. Players deliberately spoil their statistics, play from new accounts. They taking advantage of the fact, that Warzone is a free game and every time before a game session, you can create a new account and start a game with newbies. Since there are a lot of such players, they spoil the whole game for players who just getting to know the game. There are also routers, that can change a player’s location and to access servers with less skilled players. If you have a high ping, then choosing the optimal time to search for a game can help you. When there are few online players in the game, the system will select the game easier and more diverse in terms of player level, making it easier for you to grow in rank.

There is no reason to believe, that in the near future we will have a major change in the sbmm algorithm or even its cancellation. From the point of view of Infinity Ward and Activision, this algorithm works perfectly, which is quite understandable. It given, that it was created in order to simplify the game for beginners by fencing them from experienced players. So, the maximum we can count on is the complication of registering new accounts or for small adjustments to the algorithm.

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