Search Where the knife points – Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
Search Where the knife points

In this article I want to show you how to search where the knife points in Fortnite. This challenge named Search Where the knife is looking on a treasure map loading screen. Therefore, this is a very manageable challenge. In order to finish, all you need to do is go to a specific spot and maintain the square position there. You won’t need more than around a minute and a half to finish the challenge if you follow the instructions carefully.

In order to get started, head over near the Volcano and use the vent in order to get towards Lonely.

This is the precise position from which you will be able to determine the direction in which the knife is pointing. You have two options. Also, you can lend money right immediately here, or you can get some ballers and go over there. You may also simply take the volcano vents to get there, which will make the journey much simpler. As soon as you have at least one weapon in your possession, you will be prepared to engage in combat. You should make your way over to the region that can be found between Lonely Lodge and the Race Track. The location of the hidden battlestar can be found exactly here.

So, once we’ve gotten over to this location you will see it.

You are going to be shown the specific section of grass that you will need to locate. In order for the fight to begin to unfold before us. You’ll locate it directly on top of the four trees here. Because others have begun to discover the site, it is imperative that you complete this task as swiftly as you possibly can. You are aware that there is a patch if you have been playing for an hour for a significant amount of time. Also, if you have been completing challenges for a significant amount of time. That spot on the floor serves as a kind of patch that is quite symbolic in nature. They consistently cause these stars, often known as the battle stars, to emerge at this location.

The Haunted Mansion may be found at this location, which you will become aware of once you have arrived. As soon as you turn over onto your back and stand up, you will be able to retrieve the battle stars. The location of the battle star can be found in a very tiny area of uncultivated land. Please make sure to leave a comment below if this post was able to assist you in any way and you searched Where the Knife Points on the Treasure Map Loading Screen.

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