Search where the magnifying glass in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Magnifying glass in Fortnite

Magnifying glass in Fortnite

For a magnifying glass in fortnite I want to tell you how you can search where the magnifying glass is looking on a loading screen. First, you take a look at loading screen and as you can see the magnifying glass is hovered right over this spot, you can see it on a screenshot above. So, you have some other points of interest on the map, that help you to show exactly where this location is. so, I’m gonna tell you the exact location and how you can find this secret battle story. The section you can get you a ton of XP and it’s actually going to get you the challenge completed as well. So, this is a great challenge to complete and hopefully it does help you to level up that battle pass.

Where this battle star is located?

Where this battle star is located? So, based on that loading screen, we know for a fact, that battle star is located just below Polar Peak and when you zoom in even further, you can find the exact location to be next to one of the old statues. As you get closer and closer you’re going to line up this exact location on the mini-map with the loading screen. Just drop below pole or peak and head through forests. You’re gonna end up coming to three different statues, that have been here since season 7. If you take a look at that loading screen, it can tell, that magnifying glass is located right above one of these statues. So, the battle star will be located on the statue with big rock. After you collect it, you just need to finish out your match. You’ll actually be granted all the xp for picking it up and the xp for completing the challenge as well. So, on the screenshoot abouve you can see the exact location in case. Maybe you are confused as to where this location is. If I did help you out, if be sure to drop a comment down below.

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