Shadowmoon Market Guide – Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
shadowmoon market lost ark

In this article, I want to explain to you how to get the shadowmoon market island soul in Lost Ark.

Far east of Feiton is the location of Shadowmoon Market Island. You have to carry out a variety of tasks in order to obtain the Shadowmoon Market Island Soul.

How to Get Shadowmoon Market Island Token in Lost Ark

You must complete a few yellow cooperation quests before the yellow quest that gives you the soul will surface. Additionally, you need to complete Una’s Tasks five times and five separate achievements for this island. Fear not; I will guide you through every step.

Shadowmoon Market Location

First, after arriving on the island, pick up and fulfill the yellow quest line. You will receive a lot of silver, rapport, chests, card experience, and pack rewards as a result. And since it will open a yellow side quest that must be finished in order to accomplish the ultimate quest, completing it almost entirely is one of the prerequisites for the soul quest to appear. So just finish it everything. Your map will eventually show a yellow side task that you must fulfill.

The following need is to finish a secret task. To gain entrance to the hidden location where you can obtain the mission and then complete it, interact with the boot that is lying on the ground here.

After that, you have to complete a secret tale achievement that calls for listening in at least four separate places. Following are the locations, which are spaced apart by 30 minutes. In this location, a cooperative request will display.

Shadowmoon Dance quest

One criterion for the soul quest is to complete this cooperation quest at least once. You’ll need to sing, dance, and pray on this journey. You can hardly finish this quest by yourself within the allotted time if you are quick enough and at the right place when it appears, but it is better to have other people helping you. As such, whenever you are on this island and you see the corporate request appearing, head to the location to get it completed at least once.

Then, you must complete the “Super Secret Materials for a Super Secret Project” Una’s Task daily mission. In order to complete this mission five times, you must pick up some Mandrake from the ground and capture images of the ghosts. The camera can be picked up from the crown in order to snap these shots. The soul also needs four other accomplishments related to taking these photographs. You need to photograph the golden spirit 30 times, as well as the red, blue, and green spirits 100 times each.

Therefore, the natural course of action is to complete the daily quest’s unasked job five times before calculating how many more images of each hue are still required. Getting together with others is beneficial because the photos they take contribute to your achievement completion. After finishing the yellow side quest, click Alt + O and go here to check out these achievements. The secret mission The last quest for the soul should emerge after completing the cooperative west yunas task daily quest five times and the four milestones relating to capturing images. On this island, there are four Mokoko seads as well. That’s pretty much about how to access Shadowmoon Market in Lost Ark’s Island Soul.

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