Shangra Island Guide In Lost Ark

by Dealon Brounx
shangra island lost ark

In this essay, I’d like to provide a full guide for Shangra Island in the Lost Ark. I’ll also tell you how to gain Shangra Island Soul in Lost Ark.

Shangra Island Location

Shangra island can spawn in three distinct areas, therefore it is not always available. Then, at the top left of your screen, check the alarm clock to see when it’s about to spawn. The locations are located to the north of North Vern and north of Anikka. Vortex will appear at the correct location 10 minutes before it spawns. And always keep an eye out for someone to post its location, because someone will.

This is also one of the few islands where being in a group truly helps. You’ll also return to this island numerous times because it’s tough to complete in a single visit, and you’ll usually spend the entire 30 minutes here before being transferred out.

How To Get Shangra Island Token?

Pick up the yellow quest and follow it the first time you visit this island. Almost quickly, you will hear the melody of spring. This song is played next to any shangra flower to make it drop sangra flower dew. You can swap these for a few goods, such as the cloud mount, but it will take some time because it costs 7500 shangra flowers, which is a lot considering you only get one or two per bloom. This flower can also be traded for firm peaches, which I do not advocate. When it comes to firm peaches,

To obtain the genre island soul, you must collect 5600 of them by killing the huge peaches visible on your mini-map. The yellow questline also rewards you with peaches, and there are a few repeated tasks that you may undertake once each day that also reward you with peaches. Of course, being in a group is the greatest method to find the peaches. You then split off on the island to look for peaches, rotating every now and then to pick up the peaches that your group members had destroyed.

How To Firm Peach on Shangra Island

Here’s a map showing the places you have to go

Locations I recommend for this peach farming strategy. Each hue indicates a member of the gang. Yes, there are peaches spawning in other places, such as the northwest corner of the map near the green, but reaching to such spots is in my opinion inefficient because it needs jumping or climbing, which takes time. Most likely, you spent that time climbing.

What to Do with Shangra Island’s Peaches

At your current location, another peach will spawn. Because your pet’s auto loot does not operate if you are not on the same level as the fallen things, following these colors will make the rotation much easier and save you time, resulting in more peaches. After collecting 5600 firm peaches, you exchange them for a thousand year old tree part at the antique jar npc. Once you’ve obtained the item, enter this tree. You plant the pot and are rewarded with the soul of Shangra Island.

The settings need you to buy wine to enter and that wine court speeches, which I don’t want to use yet because I’m farming for the soul instead, and that’s about it. In Lost Ark, how can you receive the Shangra Island soul? If you found this post useful, please leave a comment below.

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