Skyrim: How to Become a Vampire Lord

by Dealon Brounx
How to Become a Vampire Lord in Skyrim

I want to give you a guide to Becoming a Vampire Lord in Skyrim. Basically, when you walk into the Dawnguard castle and you talk to the head guy of the Dawnguard, he gives you a crossbow and then he assigns you to go to the Dimhollow Crypt and that’s your very first quest in the quest line of the Dawnguard DLC.

Complete the Awakening quest

It’s the first quest on the path to becoming a Vampire. So you have to go to the Dimhollow Crypt, that is a cave basically. It’s located in a snowy mountain range. So you just go into that crypt and it’s full of vampires and it’s pretty tricky. There’s a lot of hidden levers to open gates and doors and things, so this tutorial covers how to open every single gate and there you can find the Death Hound. 

The Death Hound is basically a dog that’s a vampire. It’s the protector of the Vampire. In order to open this gate you’re going to have to go up to a watchtower. There’s a lever inside of that and you pull that down. That unlocks that gate and you just follow this passageway. There’s only one way through it and you just keep going forward. You’ll encounter many vampires and some skeletons and you just follow your way through basically till the very end.

After that, you are going to encounter the hardest person in the story, and it is the Master Vampire. Master Vampires are in charge of all the vampires in the coven, as well as any thralls. So be warned.

The Master Vampire is at the top of the vampire hierarchy.

Solve a puzzle in the Dimhollow Crypt

After that, you have to solve a puzzle. So you do this by solving the puzzle and I don’t exactly know the exact order of these. There are the things, that you have to push around, but I just kept pushing them around until all the little floating bluish lights connected.  That’s basically the goal of this is to connect each one of these little cupholders with the blue light, so it makes a straight line. It goes in all different directions, but they all need to be connected. So I just basically push these all around until they connect. At the very end of this, you can probably see how I did that, but that’s how you solve this puzzle. The floor will be lowered when you solve this problem, revealing an antique casket containing Serana.

Complete the Bloodline quest

It’s the second quest on the path to becoming a Vampire. Once you clear the crypt and you go back to Skyrim, you travel to what is known as the Icewater Jetty. This is a part of Skyrim and this is how you get to the Vampire’s castle. It is similar to how you get to the Dawnguard castle. It is outside of the map like the Dawnguard castle, but instead of going through a cave, you take a boat.

So once you take the boat over, you’ll enter the vampires lair. Inside of the first layer you will find Serana—the girl you rescued. Her father – Harkon is the head vampire. So you’re going to talk to him and start off this dialogue about how Harkon thankful that you saved his daughter and he’s gonna offer you his blood. If you accept and you drink his blood, you’ll turn into a vampire. If you decline and you don’t drink his blood, you’ll be banished from his castle and you’ll join the dart guys. So basically,this is how to become a Vampire Lord in Skyrim. It does not matter if you’ve been a Werewolf previously.

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