Sorana in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
Sorana in Fortnite

Sorana in Fortnite. It should come as no surprise that this will be only the second time that a female skin has been chosen to be the secret metal past skin. Let’s talk about what she entails in the present tense. I really like the color scheme, as well as her face and hair, both of which are very attractive. It is dark red and black in color. The Black Knight shield is one of my favorites. Therefore, I believe that this will go over very well with her. He has a knife dangling directly above her ankle in this position. She is wearing a strange-looking vest that either depicts a skull or an alien. I believe that she is a member of the altar group and I believe that this group is competing against the eagle group.

I think the character designs in this piece are outstandingly excellent.

You might be thinking right about now that this is it. This is the legendary skin that can only be unlocked with the secret battle pass. It would appear that she has access to at least two other dress options, which is very fortunate. The thing that I can’t figure out is whether or not the pants were the only thing that appeared to change. I believe the pants would alter the makeup above the eye as well as the popped collar. However, it seems that the pants on the back right turn into a zebra light pattern instead. In addition to that, she has a pattern that looks like green camouflage.

Then there are the difficulties that come with this skin.

She does, in fact, have some pickaxes as well as a back bling. The back bling resembles a red and black knapsack of some kind, but we are having trouble getting a clear picture of what it actually is. The pickaxes have the appearance of tomahawks or fire axes with a red and black color scheme. They seem to be really into the double pickaxes these days, doesn’t it seem like?

Since they made that available to the public, it appears that all players have two pickaxes. However, it appears that we need to locate the pickaxes in addition to the back bling. For example, Fortnite says me that a secret outfit style has been discovered. So, it seems likely that this is at least one of the styles that we need to locate while playing the game. If you know something more about Sorana in Fortnite, comment down below.

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