Stardew Valley: Gifting Guide

by Dealon Brounx
stardew valley gifting guide

I’d like to share the Stardew Valley gifting guide with you. Also, all of the NPCs’ favorite gifts in Stardew Valley are gifts that you can give to them to gain the most friendship points and hearts. Each villager can receive two gifts per week, one per day. If you give a loved item to an NPC, you will gain eight friendship points automatically. Every NPC in your valley will give you a universal love gift in addition to their personal love gift. The rabbit’s foot and the prismatic shard are examples of these. These adorable gifts are given to all NPCs and grant you the maximum of 80 friendship points. These items will not be disliked by anyone.

How Does Friendship Work in Stardew Valley

If you give a villager their favorite item on their birthday, you will receive an eight-fold bonus, totaling 640 friendship points. Remember that one full heart equals 250 friendship points, so loved birthday gifts will always guarantee you two full hearts. The quality of the gift you give is also very important. If the gift is of silver quality, you will receive a 10% bonus on the entire gift. A gold-quality gift will give you a 25% bonus, while an iridium-quality gift will give you a massive 50% bonus to the entire friendship point system.

Gifts for characters in Stardew Valley


Alex is the first person. He is now a difficult person to try to marry because he only has two favorite foods: the full breakfast and the salmon dinner. Alex is only interested in these two items. Unless you give him the two universal love items, the rubbish spot and a prismatic shard, the rest of the items are neutral.

2. Eliot

Eliot is the next non-picky individual. She enjoys crabcakes, duck feathers, lobsters, pomegranates, and Tom Carson soup. So, if you want to marry Eliot or become good friends with him, make use of these abilities. Dr. Harvey’s favorite beverage is, of course, coffee. He’s a busy doctor who needs all the energy he can get, so coffee is on the menu. Also included are pickles, a delicious meal, truffle oil, and a nice bottle of wine.

3. Sam

Sam is the next person. Cactus fruit and white maple bars are this month’s personal favorites. pizza and tiger’s eye, a mineral that is also quite tricky, The frozen tier obsidian pumpkins, sashimi, and the void egg are Sebastian’s favorite items. Strange items for a strange individual. Finally, the main man, shame on you, how colic.

4. Shane

Shane’s first romantic interest is beer. You will never let him down with a nice glass of beer. His favorite foods include hot pepper poppers as a meal and a nice pizza.

5. Abigail

Abigail’s favorite foods include amethyst, blackberry cobbler, chocolate cake, puffer fish, and spicy eels. Emily likes amethyst, aquamarines, timepieces, and emeralds. James Ruby’s survival burgers topaz and a piece of wool, so there’s a lot of minerals right there, so she’s not a picky lady. Emily enjoys a variety of items, many of which can be obtained in the mines. Haley is the most difficult person to marry out of the gills. She is only interested in four things: coconut fruit salad, peeled tape, and some flowers. Obviously, the sunflower is easy to obtain, but she is limited to only four items in comparison to the others.

6. Leah

Leah is the next person to speak. She enjoys goats for poppy seed muffins, stir-fried vegetable medley, and a good bottle of wine.

7. Maru

Maru is the next lady. It’s incredible how many things she likes. She enjoys making sacrifices. Cheese made from cauliflower Diamonds made from cauliflower The gold bars came with tree pepper poppers, rhubarb pie, and strawberries. Those are the best gifts to give, according to the experts. Finally, diamonds are a cute and innocent favorite loved item. emeralds Poppies, poppies, poppies Martinez’s red plate is a meal. The Rouge platter, which includes a meal as well as sand fish,

So there you have it, the bachelorettes. All of those are their favorite items. As you might expect, the girls were less fussy than the guys. They were particularly fond of gifts wrapped in ceremony tissue, as is customary. Let’s move on to the non-marriage Candida’s villages around town. That was the Stardew Valley gifting guide!

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