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by Dealon Brounx
sword of st trina elden ring

This article is perfect for you if you want to get a very powerful sword early on in the game. This guide will explain you how to do that. We are going to examine the sword of St Trina in Elden Ring. This one enables you to put your adversaries into a deep slumber. Sword of St Trina can be extremely useful for eliminating high-value targets. It also doing a little bit of crowd control when you’re going to have to deal with multiple adversaries. In this article, I’ll tell you where you can find it.

Location of the Sword of St Trina in Elden Ring

Location of the Sword of St Trina
Location of the Sword of St Trina in Elden Ring
  • Therefore, the very first thing that you need to do is make your way to the Rotview Balcony, which can be found in Caelid. This cozy place is home to some rather terrifying birds.
  • The Forsaken Ruins are where you really need to go, if you want to accomplish what you set out to do. You’ll need a stone sword key to enter the runes, which you’ll find here. If battling terrifying birds isn’t really your thing, you can just rush through the stone sword activator as fast as you can. Then just ignore any damage that you take after that. This will result in the wall being removed.
  • After that, head down to the basement and open the treasure chest to retrieve the sword of St Trina that was hidden inside. You will need ten points of Strength, twelve points of Dexterity, and fourteen points of Intelligence in order to wield this weapon effectively. The built-in additional magical damage is one of the aspects of this weapon that particularly appeals to my sense of aesthetics.

Best Builds for the Sword of St Trina in Elden Ring

The ability of this weapon, which is referred to as “Mists of Slumber“, is without a doubt the factor that contributes to its impressive level of power. When it is activated, you have the ability to put even enormous targets to sleep. It is making this sword much simpler to deal with other foes. Also, of course, to land critical hits on weak points.

elden ring sword of st trina
Sword of St Trina

But how does this sword perform against Elden Ring bosses? The fact that the Mists of Slumber effect can also be used on bosses is both the most powerful aspect of this weapon and the most interesting aspect. For instance, when I was fighting Leonine Misbegotten with my sword of St Trina, after hitting him a couple of times, he becomes a little bit confused. This sword can give you some charge hits and it also making much easier to take down enemies. Even though this effect does not work on all bosses, it does work on some of the more difficult bosses, such as Margit, The Fell Omen, and Godrick the Grafted. This makes sword of St Trina very interesting, if you are having some difficulty defeating these bosses.

Also, the power stancing straight sword moves in St Trina in Elden Ring are some of my favorites in the game. The jumping attacks are especially impressive in their overall quality. The fact that you can hit multiple times could mean that the passive effect will just build up a lot quicker. Also, It is possible to use sword of St Trina with the Pulley Crossbow. This one fires crossbows in a number of different directions. The fact that you have three attempts to hit the target indicates that you will likely be successful.


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