The Best Seeds in Minecraft for Villages

by Dealon Brounx

The best seeds in Minecraft for villages! Imagine if your minecraft world had a windswept village island, an outpost inside of a mansion or even an ancient mine shaft. Here are the top seeds for villages in Minecraft 1.19.

Unique seeds for villages

1. The terrain

Seed:494460667990824802. It is absolutely breathtaking everywhere you go. You’ll want to stop and stare. There are so many beautiful valleys that are just asking to be explored right by spawn. You’ll come across this beautiful scene which includes a village on a mountain slope that meets a lake at the bottom. I mean, have you ever seen a village location more picturesque than this one? Head on over to the top of the mountain and you’ll find one of the deepest mountain craters I’ve ever seen. Head towards the coast by spawn and you’ll be able to find this little island village with these two villages. I think this seed would be a fisherman’s dream.

2 . The Mineshaft

Seed:4127894603680946668. It has one of the craziest structure combinations ever. Check out this mineshaft that has tried to take over an ancient city. No wonder this mineshaft is abandoned. Whoever built this definitely didn’t survive the warden. But maybe you’ll have better luck and use this mineshaft to avoid the warden and capture all the treasures that lie below. Walk along the planks and you’ll also be able to find an exposed zombie spawner. If you’re wanting to try out this seed, make sure you do it quick because I’ve got a feeling that this one might get patched soon.

Mountain seeds for villages

2. A large mountain island

Seed:516772. It might be the perfect island seed for the new update. It has two mountain peaks. This island has three different wood types, stony cliffs, and even its own village, but the village is not the only structure on this island. Head around the back of the bigger mountain and you’ll find a long deep dark cave that leads you all the way down into an ancient city, which also has another exposed zombie Spawner.

4. A snowy mountain

Seed: 54535676. This spawn places you in seed 16 spawns. on a jungle and dark oak snowy mountain with great views of the ocean. It’s another spawn with loads of amazing stony peak mountains and there are plenty of insane jungle cliffs too. Close to the spawn mountain you can find this long and winding lush ravine that leads you down to a deep dark biome with an ancient city. There are loads of ancient cities in this seed too, including this lush city. I actually really love this combination. It gives the city a really cool overgrown feel.

Biome seeds in Minecraft for villages

3. A huge swamp biome

Seed:1660319825129372544. This huge swamp biome completely surrounds you at spawn. Adventure deep into the mangrove and you’ll find an overgrown village. The new biome really brings a whole new feel to the village. I love watching the villagers navigate their way through the vines to find their farms and homes. This could be a perfect opportunity to try out the new wood type. Maybe completely transform the village. Would you like to see a real mangrove village added to the game at spawn? There’s also another village surrounded by loads of different warm biomes 

5. Ice spikes biome

Seed:8053978464349371740. I’ve never seen this before in Minecraft. It’s a small isolated ice spikes biome that’s shaped in a perfect circle. This is some really unique world generation and I kind of like it. I’d love to see someone build a dome over this and create their very own snow globe. I also really like that it’s surrounded by vast amounts of flat plains. Something that you don’t see very often since the caves and cliffs update. Plenty of building potential in this one.

6. A savannah village

Seed:4979149562439878233. Following the coastline, you’ll find an interesting village. The closest is this savannah village with a shipwreck that almost fits in too well. I barely even noticed it was there. There’s another mushroom island off the coast of this village too. Head in the other direction from spawn and you’ll come across a desert village that’s right next to this crazy outpost temple combination. These pillagers picked a very interesting location to build their outpost. Luckily, you’re still able to find the treasure down here amongst the extended planks.

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