The best way to get rich fast in Minecraft

by Dealon Brounx
get rich fast in Minecraft

The best way to get rich fast in Minecraft. To get rich in Minecraft without ever using a village, you need stone tools and iron. You don’t need that much iron, but at least enough to make a flint and steel bucket and an iron pickaxe. Next, you need three things. leather, sugar cane and food. The fastest way is just to kill the naturally generating cows, horses, donkeys, and mules and pick up as much sugarcane as possible. Plains biomes are the best for this, and you’ll stay in them.

One of the ways to get rich fast is with good biome

A good plains biome gets you around 90 leather and a stack of sugar cane. With a good plains biome, getting that should only take around 30 minutes, but that is all the leather you’ll ever need throughout the run. You will need six stacks and 48 sugar cane in total, so in that case, it will require some farming throughout the day. You’re getting those things, a Minecraft day will probably pass and night is a time to get a few key resources At least one pearl and 10 gunpowder for this process. You will need at least one pearl and 10 gunpowder at night or in the caves.

You have to farm those with your mining trip. There are six main things to do. It’s a lot, especially the two stacks of iron, but since your sugar cane needs to grow, it works. You want to mine in 20 minute intervals and then return to replant your sugarcane. So you’re being as efficient as possible in 1.18. The fastest way to get the required materials is a hundred percent going to be caving. To help when finding caves, use your c counter.

This literally tells you how many air blocks you are looking at, so if you ever see it spike to around 200 or so, there is most certainly a cave in that direction. Once you have five diamonds, you can use three of those to make a diamond pickaxe, which you can then use to get the obsidian. Now you have the required materials to enchant your pickaxe with unbreaking one.

Farming is a key to get rich fast in Minecraft

Then you want to finish farming sugarcane until you have a little bit more than enough to craft 90 bucks. If you’re not at this point yet, this is the perfect time to start getting wood for your build. You’re going to need four stacks of logs, so you can do that while you’re getting the rest of the sugarcane. You’ll be moving from this location, so break the planted sugar cane to add to the final total if needed. At this point, hopefully your inventory should look something like this You can craft all the leather into books using four stacks and 14 of your sugar cane, and then you just need to craft the two pieces of tnt.

You’re going to take all those items from your old camp and go to the nether. If you’re playing on a war type server, this is your chance to escape from spawn. Take 10 pieces of obsidian from the exit portal and head to another wastes biome. There you’re going to set up a temporary camp to store your entire inventory except for the basics, since you’re going to need a lot of inventory space for the 29 stacks of magma blocks. This is exactly why you needed that one pickaxe. It’s necessary for the farm.

Find a pickaxe

The easiest place to find magma blocks is at the nether sea level and they’re found in pretty large bunches, so collecting this should take around 30 minutes. The final part is to transport all those items you just collected, including your previous ones, to a point just below the nether roof. There you’re going to find a bedrock piece at y equals 127. Bring the obsidian, a flint and steel, the two pistons, the tnt, a lever, and a trap door, then pearl above the bedrock and break that piece of bedrack, and make a note of it. There are many bedrock breaking tutorials online, but I’ve found that this method is the easiest.

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