The Effectiveness of Freeze Traps in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
Freeze Traps in Fortnite

The Effectiveness of Freeze Traps in Fortnite. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how floor-freze traps actually operate. What happens to a floor-freeze trap when anything, such as a husk or another type of object, walks over it? It causes the husk to freeze solid. Now, how exactly does the ice block work? It’s impact based, so if you don’t know what an effect is in Fortnite, it’s basically an arbitrary number that you have to break with your trap. If you don’t know what an impact is in Fortnite, it’s basically an arbitrary number.

If you hit with 100 damage on a gas trap, you’re going to be heading up for 125 when they’re frozen. This is because freeze traps are dependent on contact. When they’re frozen the husks suffer 1.25 times more damage than they normally would.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Freeze Traps in Fortnite

It freezes them for four seconds regardless of whether or not you have an effect or an effect duration on your floor freeze trap; if you do have an effect duration, it freezes them for five seconds. If you do not have an effect duration, it freezes them for four seconds.

And there are also some odd little facts, such as wall launchers doing damage to husks when they are frozen and other things like that. The other thing you are going to be talking about is the directionality of floyd freeze traps. Yes, I’m going to give you a little proof of stuff like this. So let’s figure out how to place these things all right. Figuring out the direction you want to actually push the husk in is a fairly simple way to accomplish this task. All you have to do is decide which way you want to push the husk.

A few example how to use it

So let’s pretend, for the sake of argument, that you want to drive them towards you base. In other words, enemies walking this way while you want to push them in the opposite direction. You are going to turn around. So that you are looking directly in the other direction of our home base, that is what you are going to do. They will be forced to go in the opposite direction when they approach from this direction because of this. You must have an idea in general! But the way that you arrange it will determine the direction in which the husks are pushed.

For example, you will have three freeze traps in a row, and you will push them to the right. Because of this, you will want them to get staggered backwards to the direction they want to go for this particular tile, and because of this, it will freeze them once, twice on the second one, and they will get pushed back.

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