When is the live event in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
live event in Fortnite

As a Fortnite player, you might be excited about the Fortnite Live Event. Official information about the live event are already out. Hence, we thought of sharing all the details that you need to know about it. Along with this event, Fortnite Season 2 will come to an end. Therefore, you should take part in the event and see what you can expect along with the third chapter of the game.

When is the live event in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Live Event is scheduled for 4th December. It will happen at 1 pm PT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET, and 9 pm GMT. The date and time will not change, and you can lock it up on your calendar. On the day of the event, you can join the queue within 30 minutes ahead of the starting time. Make sure that you don’t miss this 15-minute event, as there are no plans to re-stream it.
It is even possible for you to take part in the Fortnite event along with your friends. In fact, you can team up with 15 other friends and join the event. That’s because the live event is supporting up to 16 players in a party.

A quick recap of Fortnite Season 2

The Fortnite event concludes Chapter 2 of Fortnite. As a result, it’s worthwhile to check back and see how Chapter 2 turned out. This is when you’ll see that the chapter as a whole has been a bit of a mixed bag. For example, the map in Fortnite Chapter 2 is mediocre at best. This is mostly due to the fact that the difficulties in Fortnite have become more challenging over time. Players have to face several obstacles as a result of the same cause.
Players will be taken under the island in the Season 2 finale live event in Fortnite. You may also anticipate seeing a similar black hole event in Season 3’s Chapter 1. Due to the downtime, users will be unable to continue playing the game during this time. Instead of seeing anything on the screen, you will see a black hole.

We will be able to make some educated guesses based on what we can already see in Fortnite Season 2. For example, Doctor Slone is traveling to a secret facility located in the map. Based on this, we can assume that she is getting ready for the great battle. On the other hand, we can also see how the Cube Queen is endangering the existence of the island. That’s because she has stated that she wants to end the reality. Therefore, we can expect the Fortnite event to be a showdown among the Cube queen and the IO, who are two of the most prominent players in the game.
You shouldn’t feel awful about Fortnite Chapter 2, however, since there have been a few strong seasons in the past. Overall, the “Spy against Spy” concept was entertaining. Furthermore, your Marvel Superhero in Season 4 was also extremely impressive. The Primal season, on the other hand, did not go down well with the players.

Keep the date locked

This date is set, so you may put it in your calendar. We already know that the last confrontation versus Cube Queen on Fortnite is taking place, along with the official announcement of the Fortnite event. This, too, will decide the island’s destiny. As a gamer, this may seem like the end of an era. This is due to the fact that things will not remain the same in the future.


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