The Origin of Paradigm in Fortnite

by Dealon Brounx
Paradigm in Fortnite

The Paradigm is a really special and iconic character as part of the Fortnite storyline, and also has a really clean skin along with being a part of The Seven Set. Arguably, it’s one of the most crucial and important groups in the entire storyline of Fortnite Island. The Seven Set’s end goal being to save Reality Zero and the loop and finally rebel against the Imagined Order. You would think that they would do whatever they could to avoid the issues within the group itself. Paradigm actually seems to be causing most of their problems. Whilst also coming back in a new form to save us all.

In season 9, she was a star character as the battle pass bonus outfit, and with the woman’s helmet spread out across the island, her edits were most definitely a storyline related change.

Is Paradigm coming back in new season?

No matter what aspect of this character that you look into, practically everyone knows or has at least heard of the theory that she’s the same person as the Singularity who controlled the mech in Chapter 1 of Season 9. We may finally have this confirmed in the next Paradigm 2.0 outfit. This was all but a conspiracy theory among the Fortnite community until a week or so ago. When a new item shop glider was popped right into the game’s files with barely anything mentioned at all by anyone. The Mecha Team Glider is apparently a piece of a certified mech surplus craft.

Mecha Team Leader

This quite obviously links Paradigm to the Mecha Team Leader. It really doesn’t confirm much until we take a deeper look at certified, which has the official definition of the text that reads as follows: officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.

I actually highly doubt that the original Paradigm skin will ever return to the game. That’s not to say that she won’t have another variant of her skin. If this new Paradigm or mech-related glider makes its way to the item shop, we can 100% assume that it will come along with the skin as well.

In Fortnite, who is the Paradigm?

Some new Fortnite skin surveys were sent out to the community by Epic Games themselves. It involves skin that looks extremely identical to Singularity’s hair and facial shape, which we now know to be the Paradigmas well. Is it a coincidence? Well, I don’t think so. The arrow-like symbol that was both on the Paradigm and the Singularity is also on this character. So yeah, it’s definitely not just some mistake remake skin. It definitely has something to do with the lore of the upcoming Fortnite storyline.

I think Paradigm is the final member of the seven that were revealed. Who will most definitely arrive towards the end of season two. A few days after season three releases, the first Zero War issue, which involves this new cast of seven members, will be released into the public. This new character must be revealed before the comic release. I believe that, like Paradigm in season X, the order will appear in the shop just before this season ends as a kind of live event skin, if that makes sense. She is said to arrive in a pack or a bundle. So her possibility of staying in the shop for season 3’s release is also pretty likely.

All but one tiny piece of evidence leads to the conclusion that this Fortnite skin is our next step for the character of Paradigm, and that would be her eye color. I know, I know, a very very small detail, but it could truly make or break this huge Fortnite theory. Now in one image, her eyes are brown and in the other, her eyes agree. For some, this will be enough to cancel the entire theory out, and for others, it won’t matter at all.

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