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by Dealon Brounx
tooki corporation lost ark

It is because of this that Tooki Corporation is such an interesting island, and I’m going to explain to you how to acquire the Tooki Corporation Island soul in Lost Ark.

The island that is home to the Tooky Corporation can be found to the east of Feiton. Yes, It serves as the administrative heart of the Tookis. If you are interested in learning more about Tookis, this island is a great place to do so. Therefore, in order to gain access, you will need to transform into a Tooki, and the only way to do that is by investing in a Tooki Transformation Coin.

How to Get Tooki Corporation Island Soul in Lost Ark

You should pick up the yellow quest as soon as you reach the island. Coins issued by the Tooki Corporation can be exchanged for silver as well as a variety of other commodities and items. You can transform into Tooki if you have the coin. Then proceed to explore more of the island by walking through the slime. It will instantly transport you to the location you require.

After you have finished the yellow quest, you must return the following day to collect the next part of the quest, and you must repeat this process a total of four times. The final part of these quests will rewatch you with the Tooki Corporation island soul after you have completed these quests for a total of four days, meaning that it will take you a minimum of four days to acquire this island soul.

It will become necessary for you to possess a Tookicalibur at some point during the course of these quests. On Tooki island, the Tooki King has a very small chance of dropping a Tookicalibur. In addition, if you finish in the top three of the quest that requires cooperation on this island, you will be eligible to receive Tookicalibur as a reward. This opportunity arises periodically. On this island, there is also a daily quest known as Una’s Task. Completing it will earn you gold in addition to your reputation. The Una’s Task at hand is not the most challenging thing in the world, but it is unquestionably something that is worth your time. As compensation for completing this mission, you will receive between 200 and 800 gold. The item that grants you the ability to transform into a Tooki serves as the final reputation reward. Tooki Transformation Sunglasses Selection Chest is the name of this reward..

Lost Ark’s Tooki Corporation Island Mokoko Seeds

On this island, there are a total of three Mokoko seeds available for use. The eastern strip’s left-hand side is where you will find the very first Mokoko seed. You will discover it tucked away in a foresty region. The next two Mokoko seeds are hidden behind the secret entrance that is located in the most northern part of the island. You will find a small cave in this area, and inside of it will be a seed. This concludes our discussion on how to acquire the island soul of the Tooki Corporation while exploring the Lost Ark. If you enjoyed reading this article, please let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

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