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by Dealon Brounx
tooki island lost ark

In this article, I will walk you through the process of obtaining the soul of Tooki Island in Lost Ark.

Tooki Island Locations in Lost Ark

You will initially be tasked with determining the location at which Tooki Island will respawn. This island has four distinct spawn locations. When it first becomes accessible, it can be found at any one of those four locations. When people find Tooki Island, the location of it will typically be discussed in the surrounding area’s chat. Therefore, keep an eye on the chat in the area. In addition to this, you will find out whether the island will spawn at one of its known locations. If there is a golden vortex at its spawn location when you get there. Then all you need to do is wait for the island to open up, and then you can head inside.

The island has the potential to reappear in any one of a number of distinct areas. It is possible for it to spawn to the west of Pleccia, to the north of Arthetine, or to the east of North Vern. In addition, to the southeast of the port of East Luterra.

How to Get Tooki Island Soul in Lost Ark

You will need to make your way to the northern part of Tooki Island and wait for the event to begin in order to obtain the island soul that is located there. Typically, this will occur somewhere between three and four minutes after you have entered the island. When exactly does this event begin?

It is necessary for every person on the island to crack open the treasure chests in that area. After you have completed this step, the next part of the event will require you to kill 101 tookies. They will spawn at the rift icons that will suddenly appear on your map. In Lost Ark, the Tookis take on the roles of treasure hunters and collectors. They can be found in what appear to be completely unrelated locations all over the continent of Arkesia, such as Rohendel. After you have eliminated 101 tookies on this island, you may proceed.

The culmination of this event is about to get underway. You will need to make your way back to the northern part of the island in order to accomplish this goal and wait for the Tooki King to spawn there. Then all that is left to do is kill him. It is possible that you will need to return to this island once every four hours in order to acquire the tooki island soul, but other than that, this is going to be about all there is to it. Killing the Tooki King will result in a small chance that he will drop the Tooki Island Soul.

Lost Ark’s Tooki Island Mokoko Seeds

On Tooki Island, you can find not one, not two, but three Mokoko seeds. The first Mokoko seed can be found on the eastern side of the island, close to where the water meets the land. The second Mokoko seed can be found immediately adjacent to the fishing spot, which can be found on the path that leads to the western part of the island. You will discover it to the right of the small palm tree. At the conclusion of the competition, the Tooki King will emerge from the third Mokoko seed. It is situated in the exact center of the space between two enormous mushrooms.

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