Valheim Needle – How to Farm?

by Dealon Brounx
Valheim Needle

The needle in Valheim is a unique item that may be used to make needle arrows and the Porcupine Mace, one of the game’s most powerful weapons.

Where to get Needle in Valheim? 

In Valhein, there are two ways to obtain needles. The most popular route is to travel to the plane’s biome, which appears on the map as a yellowy area with rolling hills and mountainous rock outcrops protruding from the ground. Death Skeetos, Valheim’s most terrifying foe, lives in this location. If you don’t locate them, they will, and there will be a lot of them. They only have 10 health, making them quite easy to kill, and I recommend using a bow for ranged strikes.

You have to kill Deathsquitos

The simplest way to kill them is to simply wait till they’re flying at you, ready to needle you. Just fire an arrow at them to one-hit kill them every time. What makes them terrifying is that they deal 90 pieces of damage if they hit you. You can, however, block them using your shield. Take care of the two-star deathsquitos. They deal 180 damage and will kill you in 90% of cases with a single hit.

Alternatively, it is possible to block their strike and then hit them with a fast-attacking weapon to almost instantly kill them. It will be preferable to stop their onslaught than to try to flee and avoid them. When you kill a death skeeto, it will drop one needle. Alternatively, these needles can be found during chess in the collapsing camps that can be located throughout the plane’s bio. More on that shortly.

Recipes With Needle in Valheim

1. Needle arrows

To unlock the ability to craft needle arrows, you need to go kill some death skeetos. Once you have them, you’ll need four needles and two feathers, and you’ll be able to craft needle arrows. These ones have a maximum pierce damage of 62 and a knockback of 15, putting them five points higher than the other arrows on this list. Personally, I think these ones are the best ones for pvp. They’ve got that nice high pierced damage and a higher knockback to kind of slow down or knock back your opponents. I’m pretty sure that’s how the knockback works, so I really like using the needle arrows against other players.

2. The Porcupine Mace

The Porcupine Mace is currently accepted as the best weapon in the game. It hits for 113 damage, which is the same as a black metal sword. The difference is that the sword only does slash damage, but the porcupine does a hybrid mix of damage, both 63 piercing damage and 50 blunt damage, which most of the enemies in the game are either weak to or have no resistance to, making the porcupine mace weapon one of the best weapon choices in the game.

Five fine wood, twenty iron, five needles, and ten linen thread are required to make the porcupine mace weapons. Starting out, the weapon will do 50 blunt damage and 45 piercing damage. Next, we can upgrade the porcupine weapon with two iron and two needles, and then four iron and four needles to level three, and then six iron and six needles to level four, which is the maximum amount you can upgrade it. At level four, the porcupine weapon will deal 50 blunt damage and 63 piercing damage for a total damage of 113.

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