Warzone: Rebirth Island Bunker Code in 2022

by Dealon Brounx
Rebirth Island Bunker Code 2022

Rebirth island contains three secret golden bunkers and these are locked behind an easter egg. In this article I want to reveal to you how to complete this easter egg to get the best loot on Rebirth Island. This is completely separate from the keycard Easter egg. But before, you need to find the Rebirth Island Bunker Code in 2022.

How to open Rebirth Island bunker?

You need to get an access code, and to do that, you need to visit the prison block section. There are going to be dozens of open prison cell blocks. The first step involves searching every single one of these cell blocks to find a remote on top of the toilet with a red light on it. There are a total of six of these in random cells every time you play. You have to find each one!

Hold your interact button to turn the light off.

There are a lot of cell blocks to search. So, you have to focus on the bottom floor outer cells first. One really important thing, when you get to the southwest section of the prison block. If you go to the right and then through here, you actually have another set of cells completely separate from the rest. That might also contain one of these remotes. It’s super important that you check these on your sweep across the bottom floor on this side of the cell block.

Every time you find a remote and activate it, it’s going to activate static on a TV upstairs in the prison block. There are six remotes that you need to find and there are six TVs. You can track the progress of how many remotes you’ve activated by looking at how many TVs are on with static. Also, how many are turned off. Make sure you’re staying organized with where you’re checking. It’s very easy to forget somewhere or to keep checking places you’ve already searched.

Once you have found all six remotes and you’ve activated them, make your way to the upstairs center portion.

There will be a desk in front with a telephone, which will be ringing and there’ll be a prompt for you to answer. I advise you turn subtitles on for this because the telephone is going to begin reading out a sequence of numbers-eight numbers in fact-and you’re going to need to either write this down or remember this because this is the access code to unlock the golden volts on Rebuff Island in that game.

If you didn’t catch the code the first time, don’t worry. The phone rings very quickly after it’s finished reading out. The first time you can come back to it at any point on the map if you need to get the code again. But wai is the Rebirth Island Bunker Code in 2022?

Enter the 42514627 code to unlock the Easter egg as well.

As I mentioned, there are three golden vaults on the map and this code unlocks all three doors. Be quick to try one of these three golden vaults, as another team can easily listen to this telephone themselves and go to one of the vaults before you.

So there’re three golden vault locations.

The first one is under the cliff by living quarters towards stronghold. This one is very out in the open. A lot of teams like to play in stronghold, so you want to be quick. By typing in the code, the golden vault opens. It’s a very large area where you have crates on the left and right side of the room. If you’re playing in a normal game mode like Resurgence or just typical Rebirth Battle Royale, you’ll find some amazing rewards here. Specialist tokens, foresight miniguns and tons and tons of cash. Your team can be one of the most stacked teams in the lobby.

The second one, and this one can be found underground in the Nova 6 factory. It’s very hard to miss. Just pop in the same code and this vault will open as well for you to get all of the goodies. If you’re quick enough, once all the members of your team know the code, you can split up and each go to the three volts, maximizing all of your rewards. 

The third and final vault can be found between bioweapon labs and the dock. There’s just a big middle portion which is labeled as the decontamination zone. Here you’ll find the third volt again. You can use the same code and it will unlock and you’ll have more goodies inside.


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