What are epic quests in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
epic quests

Epic quests are in Fortnite

Today, I’ll be explaining to you what Epic Quests are in Fortnite! If you weren’t already aware, epic quests are what you need to unlock certain extra styles and rewards in Fortnite. For example, you only need to complete six or so of them. You can exercise for Reese, then for Mancake you need 26, for Kondor you need 40. Then for the highest one, you need to get 80 different epic quests, and obviously that’s a lot of quests to do!

I’ll just quickly run down for you here some of their most fundamental traits. In case you were wondering what steps to follow. Here they are, along with the easiest way to accomplish each step in their respective order. I am currently level 156 and have completed all of the upgrades I have been working on. You will, however, note that each of the tasks has a color next to it when you access the quest menu that is located on the left of the screen. For instance, you can see that the entire reward is colored gold, whilst the other four are colored purple. This serves as an illustration.

When you finish one of those purple quests, which are known as epic quests, you will get one step closer to obtaining all of those style rewards.

Therefore, those are the legendary missions, and those are the epic quests. That does not take into account those epic quests, which also award a respectable amount of experience points. You will also receive the Mandalorian armor from some of them. There are also Canada’s epic quests. Therefore, whether you are in the lobby or actually playing the game, navigate to your map and just scroll across it. If there are any of these on the left that are colored purple rather than blue or white, you should make completing those your top priority. Then doing so will get you started on achieving all of those various styles.

Get new epic quests

In addition to this, you will receive brand new epic tasks approximately once each week. I have a good feeling that it’s somewhere around a handful of the tasks from week 2 or the ones that will be unveiled in the next few days. Seems to involve a greater degree of difficulty than is typical. For instance, some of them recommend concealing the evidence in a Catty Corner or Flush factory. You’ve got to find automobile components, you’ve got to damage mailboxes. You can find clothes in Lazy Lake, Holy Hedges, and Pleasant Park after driving through burning circles and destroying dog houses there. All of these are somewhat more challenging than what you have to do in this place to get three eliminations or deal one hundred points of damage.


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