What are epic quests in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
epic quests

Epic quests are in Fortnite

Today, I’ll be explaining to you what Epic quests are in Fortnite! If you weren’t already aware, epic quests are what you need to unlock certain extra styles and rewards in Fortnite. For example, you only need to complete six or so of them. You can exercise for Reese, then for Mancake you need 26, for Kondor you need 40. Then the highest one, you need to get 80 different epic quests and obviously that’s a lot of quests to do!

I’ll just explain to you, what they actually are. In case you were confused, as well as easiest ways to do them. I’ve already done all my enhancement – level 156. But when you open up the quest menu on the left, all the quests will have a color next to them. For example, you can see the complete bounty’s is gold, the other four are purple. Those purple ones are considered to be epic quests and each time you complete one of those, that’ll give you one progress, towards all of those style rewards. So, those are the epic quests, there not the legendary ones. That doesn’t count those epic quests, also just give you a nice amount of xp. Some of them also gave you the mandalorian armor, thers also canada’s epic quests. So, if you’re in the lobby or in game, go to your map and just scroll through. If you have any of these on the left are purple, instead of blue or white, just prioritize doing those. Then that’ll get you progress towards all those different styles.

Get new epic quests

On top of this, you get new epic quests every week or so! I’m pretty sure, it’s roughly a few of the week 2 challenges or the ones that will be releasing a few days. Seems to be a little bit more complicated than normal. For example, some of them say to plant the evidence in catty cornrow or flush factory. You’ve got to find car parts, you’ve got to destroy mailboxes. Drive through flaming rings, destroy dog houses, find clothes in pleasant park, holy hedges and lazy lake. All of these are a bit more difficult, than you stand to get three elims or deal 100 damage in this location.


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