What are shrubs in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
shrubs in Fortnite

shrubs in Fortnite

After update v 15.20, they fixed one of the rare quests – destroy shrubs. That means a new way to collect 75k xp. For every stage, you will get 15k xp. Let me tell you where to go to complete this challenge in less than an hour.

So, how does it work? A shrub is a small bush, but there are only a few objects that count for the challenge. In my first game, I landed on Holy Hedges and started destroying the big green bushes, but they don’t count. Also, the big bushes, where you can hide, won’t get you anywhere to complete the challenge, but the plants on the ground will. They have different shapes, but as long as you can destroy them with one pickaxe wing, ninety percent of the objects will count for the quest. If you see these around bushes with pink flowers in them, they also count for the challenge, but they are two different. These shrubs with pink flowers have some of them a little bit bigger and need at least two swings to be destroyed.

Also, the ones without the flowers don’t count for the challenge.

So, you can move on to the best location—retail row. I recommend landing on the far east side and starting to destroy these plants on the ground. Make your way towards the water tower, and from there you can move on to the doghouse. This location has more than 80 objects that will get you closer to completing the entire quest. To get all the objects, I recommend doing this in team rumble, because you don’t have to worry about the opponent shooting at you when retail is at your side of the circle.

The location also has two borders with cabbages in them. Make sure you pick them up because you won’t be done before the storm enters retail. Also, the location has different layers. My advice is to go from house to house and layer to layer, because you will miss a lot of shrubs if you run around the location. So, once you’ve checked the building and the garden around it, make your way to the next building on the same layer. You won’t be able to find any shrubs around the blacktop building in the northeast, so you can skip that part of retail. Once the layer is cleared, go down a bit and collect the next objects in one go. 

I was able to find more than 80 shrubs in retail!

That means you only need to land there around 6 times to complete the final stage of 500 traps and collect 75 xp. Because the storm made it harder for me to find some more objects, I decided to go to Pleasant Park. The location was still partly in the safe zone and is, in my opinion, the second best place to complete this challenge. Just go from house to house and you will be able to find another 70 for your quest in total. I was able to destroy 157 shrubs in a single game, and that took me less than 10 minutes! So, you can complete all stages in about 30 minutes, if you’re lucky with the zones in team rumble.


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