What are the zombies in Fortnite called?

by Dealon Brounx
zombies in Fortnite

What are the zombies in Fortnite called? These creatures are referred to as cube monsters. Why? The creators of Fortnite do not intend to include any enemies in the game as zombies. This means that the cube monsters are actually enormous cubic demons. In the Battle Royale mode, any player has a chance of coming across them. It was a peculiar decision, and many of the players are now referring to these monsters as zombies.

Also, I want to tell you about the third challenge from the Raven npc.

It is necessary for you to get rid of the cube monsters in the sideways. 15 seconds after you have finished gliding, thus the very first thing you should do is head into one of the sideways sections. It is going to be the spot with the orange name on the map where the name is written. You will observe the enormous bubble that is pink and orange. Therefore, it is in the vicinity of Caddy Corner or Holy Hedges. The next step that you need to take is to simply arrive in this location. It is recommended that you obtain some weapons first, rather than immediately attempting to engage in combat when you have landed on the island. Simply get some firearms, such as a shotgun or an assault rifle. There is a possibility that you will discover an SMG or anything comparable here.

Then what you want to do is actually find corruption vents, because you can end up gliding from them as well.

In point of fact, you don’t require quite that much damage. It won’t be a problem; nevertheless, you must destroy cube monsters rather than only inflict harm on them. You need to search for any of these corrupting events to complete your mission. They remind me of something a small orange volcano may produce. Therefore, all that is required of you is to move away from it and then destroy any one of these cube creatures.

After 15 seconds of gliding, this will be counted as getting rid of coupons and traveling sideways. Once more, you will need to find the corruption vents, launch yourself from them, and then quickly kill any cube monsters that arise within the first 15 seconds of landing. Our conversation about zombies in Fortnite is now over. Thank you for joining us! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this obstacle course, please leave a comment down below.


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