What can you do with a Milk Bucket in Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
Milk Bucket in Minecraft

How can you use a bucket to get milk in Minecraft? Let me tell you some good things about milk. Actually, milk can be used for making a cake or you can actually remove the effects of some portions or stuff like that. If you get a poisonous effect from a witch, if you drink milk, that effect will vanish, and there are also many effects like weakness or slow falling. Many effects like that also vanish if you actually drink milk. But first, you need to make a bucket.

How to make a bucket?

So you actually need a bucket. First, you need materials to craft a bucket. So, you have to find and get three iron ores. Then, make iron ignot from iron ore using a furnace. After this, you will be able to craft a bucket on the crafting table. 

How use milk bucket in Minecraft?

After that, take that bucket in your hand and go near a cup, any cup that is near you, so after going near it, just tap on the milk button or the action button on which you’re playing, like a PC or a console, so if you play on an Android phone, you actually get a button called “milk.” So you have to go near a cow and press the button called milk. This is how you extract milk from a cup.

Yes, you can actually extract milk only from a cow, so just hold the screen so you can drink it. Let me explain how milk can be useful in certain situations. For example, I had a portion of weakness and a potion of shiftiness. First, I extracted some milk in four buckets of milk after I used the potion of weakness.

So if you look at these exact things, you will see the effect. You can actually get rid of this by drinking milk. Look at that. So that’s how you actually get benefited by milk. This actually works on both negative and positive effects, so make sure you don’t drink milk after you drink a portion. That’s all about milk buckets in Minecraft, but I also want to reveal to you some useful tips for using a bucket in Minecraft.

milk bucket can be used for making a cake

There are multiple tricks in Minecraft with a bucket

First, just grab your bucket and jump into the water. Then, start right clicking, right in front of you. Now you should be able to walk through the water.  Where you can’t get out? Luckily, if you have a water bucket, Simply place it along the wall and go up the water current, keeping it in front of you all the way to the top.

So every time you go mining, you find these annoying webs in your way and you don’t wreck your precious dinosaur. It’s just to break them well with the water bucket. You can simply break these webs instantly!  You’ve got to eat zombie flesh if you don’t like it. Well, with the bucket of milk it’ll be!

Is your place turning into a jungle? Well, grab your water bucket, place it down, take it back up, and you’ve got your portable lawnmower. Got stuck underwater for a long time? Bringing the bucket makes it a blur for you to breathe underwater. The last word on freefalling. Do you want to get down there really, really fast? Well, grab your water bucket and, with enough practice, you’ll be able to soften your fault.


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