What does corrupted mean in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
corrupted mean in Path of Exile

What does corrupted mean in Path of Exile? If you’ve ever fought enemies without corrupting blood immunity, it might have felt a little bit unfair. Blood does an absolutely absurd amount of damage. There are several immunity sources; the most commonly used are either a mastery on the tree or alternatively a jewel corruption. But what if you want to get some revenge and inflict corrupting blood on the enemies? That’s where a skill called corrupting fever comes in, but it’s not the most straightforward thing to use.

In this article, I want to break down how corrupting fever works.

How you should scale it, and some of the things to keep in mind while using the skill. The first of which is that corrupting blood is not a bleed. Therefore, if you are scaling bleed damage damage over time multiplier for bleeding ailment damage or bleeding deals damage faster, this will not affect any of the damage done by your corrupting fever. The things that will affect it are physical damage over time multiplier physical damage, damage over time, and damage multiplier might seem a little bit confusing at first since there’s the spell tag on the corrupting fever skill.

However, keep in mind that spell damage does not innately apply to damage over time effects.

Damage over time skills which are scaled by spell damage, such as essence strain, wintertide brand, or fire trap, all have a line of text that says modifiers to spell damage apply to these skills. Damage over time corrupting fever does not have that, which means you can’t use spell damage to scale corrupting blood damage.

However, corrupting fever is a spell and spells tend to have pretty good returns from raising the gem level. You could even use something like a cold iron point to give it a plus three since. It is a physical spell skill gem and gem levels are one of the most powerful ways to scale corrupting fever. So this in combination with physical damage clusters, physical damage over time clusters, or any sort of stuff like that will have you doing pretty good damage in almost no time.

How does corrupting fever work exactly?

So far I’ve mentioned corrupting fever and corrupting blood, and these aren’t quite the same thing when used. The corrupting fever skill costs For example, you spend this life to put a buff on yourself for the duration of a buff on something that is affected by skill effect duration. For example, anytime you hit an enemy, you’ll apply corrupting blood. The amount of damage that you deal with that hit does not matter.

On the other hand, recording blood is not scaled by the damage of a hit; it cannot critically strike. However, this means that if you’re using an attack to apply corrupting fever, you’ll need to be aware of your accuracy rating. If you miss, you’ll apply no corrupting blood. On the other hand, spells don’t care about accuracy, so if you use a spell like stormbrand, all you care about is how many hits per second you can get.


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