What does gold do in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
gold do in Fortnite

Gold do in Fortnite

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the mechanics, that was added to chapter 2 season 5 of Fortnite, which is gold. Gold was actually leaked a long time ago and people first thought it would be another building material, but it’s not. It’s a currency, you can collect gold and bring it to npcs, that are located all over the map. When you’re close to an npc, they’ll be highlighted by a speech bubble, you run up and you talk to them.

They will have bounties or be able to provide you some kind of service. So, the bounties are things that you need to do in the game. You might need to kill a character, you might need to find a particular type of weapon and use it, you might need to bring an item to somewhere. I had one to bring a car to compact cars of all things.

So, you can finish up those bounties and get gold.

The other way to get it is to search chests. Chests will normally drop a bar or two of gold, when you search them, which is quite nice. Addition to chests and another way to get gold is by picking it up from eliminated players. If you’re lucky and you come across somewhere, that has obviously been a massacre. There will be a lot of gold lying on the ground, because people won’t have been able to pick it up.

Also, any time you eliminate a player, a small amount of gold will drop, which is nice. What do you actually do with gold? If you go back to any of the npcs in the game, they will also sell certain services. These can be a weapon like you can see the storm scout exotic. They can give you some kind of special help, like showing you where treasure chests are. Reviving a teammate in squads, which is super interesting and all kinds of things. There’s a huge litany of things, each character can do different stuff.

Found all over the map

The characters can be found all over the map and they will have a dedicated spawn point, but they won’t appear there in absolutely every game. It seems to rotate at the moment. As you’re running around and you see these speech bubbles on the map, that will let you know where the character is and you can just go and speak to them.

You can gather up your gold interestingly enough, it is persistent between games, you don’t lose gold after you start playing a match. You only lose gold, when you spend it. So, you can build up a huge stock of gold, if you want to and then take advantage in clutch moments by purchasing a really good weapon. Also, with gold, you can pay the npcs. some of them to accompany you over the course of the game. That’s very interesting!


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