What does igl mean in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
igl mean in Fortnite

How to a be a good igl and what does igl mean in Fortnite? Also, how to know, if you are like have the attributes to be an igl and how to lead your team in end games, early game, mid game, basically everything surrounding igl. I usually igl, it basically is someone who leads the trio, the duo and the squad into the end game. He makes most of the decisions, most vocal voice and has the most game sense.

What does igl mean in Fortnite?

So, the igl’s rule is basically to make every single decision and or at least have the final say. They don’t have to actually make every decision, if the team says. Let’s say you’re in trios. If two people say and make one rotation, then you disagree, but you would still usually say okay. They can say – we’ll you do your rotation and because it’s still majority, they get the final say.

To be a good igl, you need to be quite vulnerable. You need to be actually someone, that is listened to. Also, you need to be a stay calm under pressure, because you need to be quick on your feet. Let’s say, someone pulls really far. You’ve got not a lot of mobility, you need to be able to know how to rotate dead side. That type of knowledge comes through stream reviewing and it comes through experience. If you’ve got review a lot and if you have a lot of experience playing competitive, then maybe you are suited to the igl role.

The igl is usually someone, that isn’t very good at fragging. i’m not very good at fragging, my mechanics aren’t the best. That’s why I’m igl, because I have game sense over somebody else. Also, the igl can top in end games. Yes, you can leave that to the other the other person in the trio, but if you are in duels, you makes all the decisions and has the final say. Also, fraggers just looks for a limbs, knows how to box people, knows when to go for that refresh kill. So, they have that knowledge, but they’re also extremely mechanical.

They are good!

If they are in fights, let them lead the mid-game fight, if you’ve decided to engage the fight. Let them control it and decide when to jump in. If your frag is getting a bit aggressive, you can always tell him to stop jumping in people’s boxes. Usually, fraggers do that quite a lot and jump in boxes, because they have quite a confident play style. It is good, but you just need to be aware of that. Another thing is – don’t put your teammates decisions down. If your duel says, that we should vote it this way even, just say yes. Tell him, that you could do that. Tell him, thay anothe way is a bit less congested or a little bit less risky. Don’t say, that he’s wrong, because that’s going to diminish or demean your teammates ideas.

What makes a good IGL?

Keep your teammates intact in the end game. Tell them to stay ahead of the zone, tell them stop looking for pics. Obviously, is important telling your team, where to actually land, telling your team where to engage or spawn. Disperse to your teammates, so they understand how to actually win their spawn fight.


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