What happens when your ship is destroyed in EVE?

by Dealon Brounx
ship is destroyed in EVE

What happens when your ship is destroyed in EVE Online? As your spaceship explodes, it will eject your pilot inside a pod or capsule. The ship will explode and leave behind a wreck containing possibly some of the modules and some of the cargo. You might also get a small insurance payout so that you have some money to put towards buying a new ship. But that ship you had will not respawn. It will be gone for good and that’s important because that’s how the economy works. The person that sold you that ship, well, they want to have people buying ships from them so if the ship’s going to get destroyed and respawned then we have no economy. The person that built that ship needed to buy the minerals from someone.

So, if you don’t have ship destruction, you don’t have the minerals being mined.

It’s like the whole circle of life thing right. You have to have death if you want to have life in the economy. You see other MMOs that have items that bind to people and they have respawns with almost no consequences. They come from atomism. They are terrible right and they failed there. They’re either totally overinflated or totally deflated. Eve is very important and it’s really important. You kind of get this from day one. If you load all your stuff into one spaceship, if you put the best modules on it, you’re going to be left with nothing.

Yes, you can’t afford to lose it.

When you lose it, you’re going to have to use what you’ve got left to relaunch your career. Also, you will lose spaceships because things happen. You know, you can’t be perfect. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of embarrassing mistakes and I’ve lost spacecraft worth a billion. The other thing to consider is what happens to your capsule. Now your capsule is where the pilot actually sits. It’s a marvel of Jovian technology. They gave them as technology to use

It’s basically like a mini spaceship with a bath of fluid inside and your pilot is kind of in there immersed in this bath of fluid with this brain plugged directly into the pod and from that the pod can itself plug into spaceships and controllers bishops The pod will like warp around really fast. It’s actually really small and agile but it is possible to shoot at these pods if you’re like an evil bastard and this happens in lowsec all the time and in null SEC odds are if you’re calling the gate camp they’re going to have you in a bubble and you’re going to get blown up when your pod dies.

What happens is the pod will like read your mind, suck up all the important information and squirt it across the interstellar communication network or whatever pseudoscience they use and into a new clone body, which means that essentially you die but you could rebar a new body instantly. So, thats what happens when your ship is destroyed in EVE.


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