What is an Abductor in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Abductor in Fortnite

What is an Abductor in Fortnite? It’s an extraterrestrial spaceship and you can discover it in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. They are also required for the xp quest that Kymera offers. Perform damage in the vicinity of an Abductor to complete this objective.

So, I want to tell you the easiest way to do damage near an Abductor for one of the challenges in Fortnite.

The only thing you actually need to do to complete this task is to land on top of the abductor. You should be able to find guns up here. Also, you should be able to have some gunfights because a lot of people will do this at the beginning of a round. I am aware that many individuals will steer clear of doing this. The best case scenario is to remain in close proximity to the kidnapper up until the point at which it kidnaps you. It will be transported aboard the ship at some point. You have the option to participate in a scaled-down version of the combat royale that takes place within the ship, where you can win some good weaponry. Additionally, you have the potential to murder some innocent people from this vantage point.

Another way to do it is just down below the abductor on ground level.

As a result of the fact that doing so will position you in close proximity to the kidnapper, there is unquestionably still another approach that you can complete the mission. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with it because of this; it could just take a few tries for you to get it right. The reason for this is that people’s behavior is not normally like this for a number of reasons. Again, simply look up above the map for the floating abduction rings and you should see them there. Land on top of them, and then immediately begin fighting anyone else you discover in the area.

Also, there was a pretty interesting bug with the abductors and the mothership.

In a nutshell, if you were knocked unconscious while playing a game based on teams and the abductor swallowed you, the game would instantly restore you. That was the most important part of making the glitch work; you needed to be knocked out just before you were sucked in, and then you would be taken away. After then, you would expire within the mothership, and everyone would be vying for the opportunity to use the reboot card. Following that, a member of the squad might retrieve it on the mothership. Then, if you were rebooted outside of the mothership, you would spawn already equipped with the ray gun and the jetpack.


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