What is an Abductor in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Abductor in Fortnite

What is an abductor in Fortnite? It’s a alien spaceship, that you can find in Fortnite Battle Royale. Also, they’re part of the xp quest from Kymera. This quest called Deal damage near an Abductor.

So, I want to tell you the easiest way to do damage near an Abductor for one of the challenges in Fortnite.

For this challenge, all you really need to do is land on top of the abductor. Because a lot of people will do this at the start of a round, you can find weapons up here and you can have some gunfights. I know, that a lot of people will avoid this, because ideally you want to live near the abductor ,until you get abducted by it. It will be brought into the ship, you can play a little mini battle royale inside in the ship and get yourself some decent weapons. Also, you can kill some unsuspecting people up here.

Another way to do it is just down below the abductor on ground level.

It is surely another way you can finish it up, because that will also be near to the abductor. So, it’s not overly difficult, you might just take a couple of rounds. It’s because people are not prone to doing this. Once again, just look for the abductor rings, that are floating above the map. Land on top of them and fight anybody, that you see.

Also, there was a pretty interesting bug with the abductors and the mothership.

Basically, if you got knocked out in a team based game and the abductor sucked you up, it would automatically revive you. That was key for the glitch to work, you had to get knocked right before you got sucked up and then you would get abducted. Then you would drop dead in the mothership and the reboot card was up for grabs. After that, teammate could collect it on the mothership. Then when you got rebooted outside of the mothership, you would spawn with the jetpack and ray gun.


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