What is Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
What is Fortnite

What is Fortnite? Fortnite is a cooperative action building game where you craft, scavenge, and ultimately build giant forts to defend them against hordes of creatures and you get to do it in a giant procedurally generated world. I don’t know what you guys figure that out, but personally I call it an action RPG. RNG loot system with procedurally generated maps for build ’em up shoot ’em up survivor maps.

How does Fortnite work?

In Fortnite, players basically use a hero card system and all those climb all those cards are derived from core classes. We have the soldier class, which is your run and done, like I’ve got grenades, I can whip out a giant chain gun in a pinch. Then Fortnite has an Outlander, which is our scavenging hero, really awesome at harvesting and gathering loot, so if you want stuff, that guy’s going to help you get it. Then it has the constructor. That’s a class that everybody in Fortnite can build, but he’s able to sort of enhance the building of all structures in the game. That means he can build structures that take damage, they can reflect that back, you can auto heal walls. That’s a big thing.

And then of course, Fortnite has the ninja, which is a mobility class, so you can double jump into calm that smoke bomb in and then dragon flash out, so he’s the melee class of the game. I love that your game makes me decide between if I want to be a construction worker or a ninja. You guys are going to love the info on this next one because my eyebrows raised a little bit. I will admit it was like, okay, this is going to be good. Yeah, so we have 116 heroes that you can collect over the span of essentially five to six hundred hours of play.

What is unique about Fortnite?

So the art style is one of the things that turns people off when they hear about this game, so you might want to hear this. Developers went through a couple of iterations of that and they started out with a very grimy pretty concept many years ago and it was like they were awesome. Developers really want to push themselves out of this box of stylisation and then that came and that’s what happened.

Fortnite also has something that is going to start allowing players to visit each other’s outposts while they’re offline and to be able to potentially defend those outposts again against the storms with their friends, and so they can come back and see what other people have done. They can actually defend it and they can actually play it. They can rate it. And so and then you’ll be able to come back in and your outputs will be defeated and you’ll be able to see some of the cool things that happened while they’re defending and then be able to get some rewards on the other side.


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