What is more popular Fortnite or Minecraft?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite or Minecraft

What is more popular, Fortnite or Minecraft? There are disputes between fans of the two big games of Fortnite and Minecraft. A lot of people try to argue to which game is bigger and which game is dead or alive. We know, that both games are huge bigger, than most games in the past have ever been. Yes, the Minecraft was still the biggest game on YouTube. It is the most-watched game on YouTube, but it still left the question in the air.

So, developers confirmed in that, they need to scale up their systems and their infrastructure.

For example, 2020 was Fortnite’s biggest year yet, with 80,4 million of you showing up to play. That is a huge number. Obviously, it’s bolstered by the fact, that was unusual year. There is a lot of young people playing Fortnite in that time for him alone. In the general, gaming spirit that is huge! That is perhaps, some of the hugest numbers we have seen for any game. It is a free to play game, so it doesn’t convert straight into sales, but you know is making a lot of money on that. Fortnite is one of the biggest games one of the titans of industries. Perhaps, it is one of the most played shooters in a month of any you know time ever.

However, the interesting thing about this statistic is that there is a direct competitor from Minecraft.

You might say hey, we can finally settle it which game is bigger once and for all. So, if you read the exact Minecraft statistics, you will see how they said the minecraft had 131 million active players in 2020. It is a new record for the game! That means, that right now we have two games, which are juggernauts of the industry. They are much bigger, than anything else. We don’t quite know, which ones bigger, but we know whichever one you know is currently in the lead. It is very very close and that is hugely interesting to me

One last thing is the fact, that obviously, Fortnite is a four year old game. Whereas Minecraft is a eleven-year-old game. It is a really confusing thing, where like Fortnite has existed for many many years beyond Fortnite battery out. It is just that the battery out game modes what made it successful. Also, Minecraft got really successful in the last decade. In particular both games are long lasting games, that just had a resurgence in the past year.


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