What is PR in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
PR in Fortnite

PR in Fortnite

It seems like everyone is so concerned about their PR in Fortnite. I mean literally, if you’re trying to find a teammate, every single time you’re asked for your PR. By the way, if you don’t know, “pr stands for power ranking. I’ll be explaining every single thing you need to know about it and how it works. Then, of course, most importantly, I will tell you how to get more power rankings, and that way you can get much better teammates.

The first thing to understand about power rankings is that they are not an official ranking system. By that, I mean it was not created by Epic Games themselves. It is created by Fortnite Tracker, which is a third-party website. So, in the actual game, there’s no such thing as pr. That is only created by this website. So, once you understand that part, let’s take a look at how this PR system actually works. If you hop on the Fortnite Tracker website, we can see different tournaments, and if we click on Solo Cash Cop, we can see the power ranking.

So, if you click on it, you can see what placements you need to get to actually get PR.

Most people don’t know this, but it literally tells you every single placement that you must get in order to get power rankings points. So, for the top one in the cash cup, you get 1,000 pr. The placements fall; the power rankings points fall. For the cash cups, it goes all the way down to the top 7 and 500, in which you can get 5 pr points. So, 5 power rankings is definitely not a lot at all, but keep in mind that for every single tournament it differs. So, depending on the tournament’s difficulty, you’ll get more or less pr points. If we go back up, this says this event has a 1x multiplier, which means this tournament is not super difficult, but it is not super easy. One x multiplier is average, but if we take the Friday night bragging, this tournament has a 0.25 multiplier.

So, by participating in this tournament, you will receive far fewer points than if you participated in the cash cup.

You only get 250 points for being number one, and 500 points for being number seven. The FNCS qualifiers give you way more power rankings than any other tournament. This event has a 2 x multiplier, so for first place you can literally get 2 000 pr points. That is absolutely insane! As it goes down, you still get a decent number of points. It is really really worth it to play this tournament, and for the top 7,500 you get 10 points! Keep in mind, this tournament is going to be in trios, which means getting to the top 7 and 500 is going to be much easier than getting to the top 7 and 500 in solo cash cups. Generally speaking, team game modes are much easier to get pr points in than in solo tournaments, unless you’re an insane solo player. By the way, you do not have to split these power rankings between your trio; that is the amount of pr you get for each person in your team.

Hype cup

The hype cup gives you no pr at all, so if you don’t need the arena points, then you should definitely not play the hype cup. I would strongly advise – if you’re in champs, you should play the catch cup over anything else. do not give you any power rankings either. So, this is the last thing you should know about how PR works.

The best way to get more power rankings! So, over time, you start losing the pr that you got. If you stop playing tournaments, then you will eventually get to zero pr. You have no earnings, so that is why it is so important to keep playing these tournaments. The best way to get the most power rankings is to simply play tournaments! You cannot get PR if you don’t play tournaments. Make sure you do play it, and, of course, make sure that it does give you PR.

The next thing you can do is to know what works for you.

Are you a better double killer or do you play for placement better, because both options can easily get you pr points? You don’t have to drop a 20 bomb in every single tournament if you want to get power rankings points. If you can actually rotate smart and get to the endgame almost every single game, then I guarantee you you will still get many pr points. Just make sure you are smart with your rotations.


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