What is storm surge in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
storm surge in Fortnite

Basically, I’ve never personally been affected by storm surge, but you can do. If you played any competitive or net game mode, you probably witnessed storm surge or maybe even got killed by it. So, what is storm surge in Fortnite? What circle does activate, how many people have to be alive, at what circle fort activate?

Sometimes you get a warning and sometimes it is active.

First of all, storm surge was added to help in custom matches. It activates, when a big number of players were still around and server productivity would degrade. Eventually, having less players in a match directly impacts Fortnite servers. The goal of this thing is to break the line between minimal gameplay impact, while maintaining a playable server framerate.

Storm surge activates, if the number of players, that are launched is higher than the values designated below at each storm phase. It make 25 damage to each player underneath the damage threshold and this damage happen every 5 seconds.

I’m going to be breaking down like, what storm circle and how many people are allowed in the circle.

So, the storm phase zero. This is when you don’t know notch. This is the first storm circle with 100 players and no one’s gonna get damage in this phase. Then in storm phase one. That’s first circle, 100 players are allowed and no one’s gonna get damaged too. In storm phase two, 30 people are gonna get eliminated by storm surge, if they haven’t dealt damage to another player.

Stainless storm phase three – 70 people allowed. Storm phase four, it’s 50 people allowed. Storm phase five, it’s also 50. Storm phase six, it’s only 30 players. Storm phase seven allowed 38 players and nin eare also 30. so, I can give you an example. If there are 72 players remaining in storm phase three or 70 players is the cap, surge will continually deal damage to all players underneath the damage. It continues, until there were only 70 players left. If only 70 players remain in the game, it will end immediately, until storm phase four starts. All right, that’s pretty much like a breakdown of what they’re like. That was answers to what is storm surge in Fortnite.


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