What is the Roster Level in Lost Ark?

by Dealon Brounx
what is roster level lost ark

In this article, I want to explain what is the Roster Level in Lost Ark. Also, I want go over a very effective way to farm Roster xp in Lost Ark.

If you’ve already been playing Lost Ark, you probably understand what roster level and roster xp are. Essentially, this is a server-wide system that affects all of your characters. So all of your characters share the same roster level. All of the roster xp from every character goes to the same roster level. You get this xp from doing pretty much any activity through the game: completing dungeons, completing islands, completing quests. Pretty much every activity in the game will give you some amount of roster xp.

The reason you want to keep leveling this up is because pretty much every roster level gives your roster an increase in stats. So it gives every single character a stat increase. So, say you can just get all characters plus five vitality, which is health. Or give all characters plus five strength, dexterity, and intelligence, which are the main stats. Over time, these are going to build up to be pretty substantial stat increases and then every 10 levels you also get a roster reward. It be a chest with some crystals, a max energy increase or some bigger rewards. At level 6, you get a BiFrost key, which is actually pretty massive, but the main rewards from leveling up your roster are those stat increases.

How to Increase Roster Level in Lost Ark

The method of leveling up your roster that I want to go over in this article is to farm the tower activity on your main character and on your alternate characters. The tower activity is essentially just a solo tower where you keep going up floors. Every floor will have a new objective. Either kill a boss, kill a named enemy, survive from exploding enemies or stuff of that nature. So, every new floor you go up will have a new objective.

You’ll get additional rewards. The first character you do the tower with will give you better rewards, like card packs, engraving recipes, skill potions, and other things like that. However, after you finish all the floors on one character, all your other characters will only get materials to upgrade or sharpen. You’ll also get tons of additional rewards. They can give you another reason why you would want to do this.

There is the tier 1 tower called Shade Spire. Also, there is a tier 2 tower that’s called Fate Spire. If it ends up being a significant increase in the amount of experience you can get, but a lot of people aren’t going to have a ton of characters at tier 2 yet either. Also, you get roster xp every single floor you complete on every single character and there are 50 floors.

So the more alts you get, the more easy roster xp you can get from doing all the floors on every character. I think the roster xp starts at around 7 to 800 for the lower floors. Every five levels you do you will get a bump in xp. So say some of the floors I was doing for the footage of this video, I was getting 1200 xp. I would do five floors and the next floor would give me like 1300 xp. So every five floors a new bump in xp and it keeps going all the way to floor 50, and you’re getting xp. 

It will give you a pretty good chunk of xp. Especially considering you could do this tower on every single character. Roster xp isn’t something you would necessarily go and farm for. It’s more something that you just get over time, but this tower gives pretty good roster xp and also gives the roster rewards. 


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