What to do after tutorial in EVE Online?

by Dealon Brounx
tutorial in EVE Online

What to do after tutorial in EVE Online? New players often ask when they start eve online: What do I do now? It is a great question. What skills should I train and how should I make my esk now? Unfortunately, it’s just not possible for me to give you a clear answer to these questions.

Part of Eve’s beauty is its sandbox nature.

That means there’s no clear progression or there’s no clear prompts as to what you should be doing next. The game doesn’t direct you in a certain career or gameplay style. What you should be doing next depends entirely on you and what you like to do in a video game and importantly, how much time you have available to do it.

The skills you should be training will depend upon the activity you’ve chosen to do within Eve. How do you go about making your esk? Well, that will depend on what skills you’ve trained and what you like doing in the game. The first question is, “What should I be doing in Eve?” There are plenty of options, but we’ll just try to give you a broad overview and hope that something will resonate with you. I’ll give you some idea of the direction you want to take in the universe of New Eden.

If you’re totally new to Eve, it’s a good idea to complete all the career agents presented to you at the end of the tutorial.

Then, work your way through the Sisters of Eve – epic arc which is available to you via the agency window. At the end of these you’ll end up with a few free ships and you’ll have a reasonably healthy wallet, but importantly, you’ll also start to get a feel for what you may want to do after that.

If you find the missions and the arc really grindy and boring, then there’ll be some parts of Eve that may not be enjoyable for you, so you’ll know to direct your attention to something else that will engage you, because ultimately, if you’re not having fun, you won’t play. Luckily, Eve has a vast array of options when it comes to what career you choose.

In Eve, you live in a universe that’s hosted on a single shard server, so every player has access to every solar system and wormhole, so there’s essentially nowhere to hide, so if a player or a group of players decides they want to reach out and touch your gameplay or the things you’ve built, there is essentially nothing to stop them. You don’t even have to undock. Simply logging into the game means you are subject to the actions of other players and how their decisions influence your life.


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