What to pick up in Path of Exile?

by Dealon Brounx
pick up in Path of Exile

What to pick up in Path of Exile? In this article, I want to explain to you which items you should pick up in Path of Exile. Which items are worth picking up and which ones you shouldn’t bother with? Let’s start with the basics. For gear items in Path of Exile, there are four rarity tiers for items. There’s the normal white item that has no ethics, and in case you don’t know what ethics means, it can be understood simply as the number of different stats an item can have. As you can see, this atom has no stats or ethics. The next year is the magic blue item, and that usually has between one and two affixes.

The next one is the rare yellow item, and usually it has between three and six airfixes. The last one is the unique orange item. A unique item can have a wide range of airfixes and it is very different from each unique item. That basically means that you can easily find a unique answer with only two airfixes while the next one you may find can have up to six affixes. It really comes down to the specific design of the unique item. So when you start out in the path of exile, you’ll want to arm your character as fast as possible to make him stronger, and that basically means that blue items and even white items can be useful.

At the beginning of the game, I recommend picking up blue items.

Until, you have equipped your character with magic with a magic overrides in each slot. If you have the blue icing with terrible roles, it can, of course, be a good idea to pick up another pair of gloves, identify them, and see if they provide better stats and then change them.

When you have most of your item slots equipped with magical rats, you can begin to ignore the blue magic items. You can only pick up the rare or yellow items, as well as the unique items. It should be noted that a blue item can easily be better than a rare or even a unique item. of cource, if it has some good ethics roles. However, the chance of a blue item being better than a rare. I miss is much lower simply, because the rare item can roll more I fixes when you get to late-game thin.

Currency items are usually used for training with other people or to manipulate the affixes on an item.

They can be identified by their brownish colored text titles. Now the first currency items you’re likely to encounter are the Scroll of Wisdom and the Portal Scroll. While these are very common, I highly recommend picking up all of them until you have a small sustainable stack. When this is done, you may want to stop picking up all of the scrolls that drop and instead only pick them up when you start to run low. However, some people like to trade a large amount of wisdom scrolls for a small amount of higher currency. So if you feel like it’s worth your time, then by all means keep picking up all of the scrolls.

The next currency items you’re likely to encounter in the beginning of the game are the orb of transmutation.

Also, ops of alteration, orbs of augmentation, and the chromatic orb, as well as the fairly common armor of scraps and blacksmiths’tools. Whetstone’s For instance, all of these currency items have different properties and why they are regarded as a low tier of currency on use can be really. For instance, in my experience, it’s not normal to see people trade 20 of these orbs of alteration for 1 KS orb such as this one. As you progress throughout the game and reach higher levels, you’ll find new and higher-tiered currency. I highly recommend picking up all of the currency items.


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