What was the first Fortnite skin?

by Dealon Brounx
first Fortnite skin

What was the first Fortnite skin? At the start of the Battle Royale, they didn’t have too many skins, other than the season shop skins. So, developers released the Ghoul and Skull Trooper. So, Skull Trooper is the first Fortnite skin! People didn’t care too much about skins at the time and didn’t want to spend money on them, since Fortnite was brand new to everyone. On the top of that, it was free and it still is, but you had some players buy these skins out of curiosity. I am sure, they are glad they bought them. It is because, Fortnite even have some players, who made videos on buying them, which received millions of views on Youtube. So, I can tell a little bit more about anothers og skins!

Season two was the introduction of the battle pass.

This is what took Fortnite to the next level, because it made more players buy and spend money on the game. They knew, that they could get five skins for a low price as long as they reach the levels to get those skins. At this time, the skin with the most hype in the game was the Black Knight. It wasn’t that easy to reach and unlock the max level skin, since most players were still trying to learn the game and get wins. Season 3 firts skin was the Reaper, also known as John Wick. This was also another max level battle pass skin, that could have been unlocked from reaching you know tier 100. Ninja got tier 100 and used this skin and that instantly made it the go-to skin everyone wanted in season three.

Season 4 is the time a new look for skins.

Fortnite added selectable styles with the release of the Omega and Carbide. They were also battle pass skins. Although these selectable styles didn’t have too much and weren’t too fancy at the time they were actually a big deal. Yes, you could have four different colors of lights on these skins and you also had the choice to use whatever type of armor you wanted. Unlike skins from the earlier seasons and the soccer skins were also released.

This season the first tryhard skins, that many players didn’t think about buying at the time. Then, the Royal Bomber came out this season. As one of the first promotion skins of season 5 – the Galaxy skin. No one had ever seen anything like this before. This skin made nearly every youtuber at the time make videos on it and it was all around Fortnite.


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