When is Fortnite shutting down?

by Dealon Brounx
Fortnite shutting down

Fortnite was launched back in July,2017. Since then, it has been getting lots of positive attention. You can call that Fortnite is at its peak popularity as of now. Numerous factors contributed towards the rising popularity of Fortnite. For example, it offers an intuitive gameplay experience. Anyone can easily figure out how to go ahead with playing the game. As a player, you will be able to develop structures in the environment, which allows you to create walls and cover them up during the battles. On the other hand, you will be able to have access to all resources, so that you can progress through the game.
Is it true that the team behind Fortnite is looking forward to shutting it down? Let’s deep dive into the facts and see whether they are true or not.

Is Fortnite shutting down?

No, Fortnite will not shut down anywhere in the near future. All rumors about the shutting down of Fortnite are fake. Epic Games is looking forward to offering new updates and continue with the game for many years to come.
The rumors with related to shutting down of Fortnite has got the attention of Tim Sweeney, who is the CEO of Epic Games. According to him, there isn’t even a plan to shut down Fortnite in the near future. It is an official statement made by the CEO, and you don’t have to worry too much about anything. All you have to do is to keep the peace of mind and continue with playing the games.
Fortnite is one of the biggest revenue generators for Epic Games. In fact, the company is receiving a decent revenue out of the game, which is more than enough to hold up all the servers.

Why is Fortnite shutting down?

When you take a look at the rumors with related to Fortnite being shut down, you will notice that some of them indicate references with related to some rumors. You shouldn’t be afraid too much of these rumors. That’s because there isn’t a lawsuit that creates such a negative impact on Fortnite as of now. You should never believe in those rumors. The CEO of Epic Games has made an official announcement, and you will be able to listen to him accordingly.

When will Fortnite shut down?

As of now, there is no such plan to shut down Fortnite. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about negative news that you hear on the internet. We are in 2022 now and you will be able to continue to play the game and capture all exciting moments offered by it for the rest of the year. This is where you might wonder whether Fortnite will shut down in 2023. We don’t believe that the game will abruptly shut down in the next year as well. That’s because there is not even a sign about such a shut down to the game in the future. I believe it’s all about Fortnite shutting down.


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