When is Genshin Impact coming to Switch?

by Dealon Brounx
Genshin Impact coming to Switch

Dear Nintendo, now that there is going to be a new Nintendo Switch revision released in a few months. A whole year would have passed since the release of Genshin Impact… Please, release Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch! I want to be honest with you, I’m somebody who doesn’t use a Nintendo Switch at all. I do use is my own phone to play Genshin Impact, as well as the laptop and my own.

Yes, I did hear the rumors about the possibility of having cross save between Playstation 4 and other devices.

The other thing, I do not know is how long the license agreement, that miHoYo has with Sony. They have Genshin Impact only on the Playstation 4 or 5. Not other consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox. Usually, it’s like one year for many games on Sony platforms, but we do not know because this one is a free-to-play game. Maybe on the Sony devices, miHoYo gets a larger cut compared to other platforms. It’s just my own speculation…

Let’s assume, that the deal was only one year, then Genshin Impact would have released.

It was released on September 28,2020, while the new Nintendo Switch revision would release on october 8, 2021. The deal they have is only a single year. What is the best way to celebrate the release of the new Nintendo Switch revision! Especially, when some people are disappointed with the new one and not getting a new Nintendo Switch Pro. This will give extra motivation for people to get the new Nintendo Switch revision. Well, if Genshin Impact is already released on Nintendo Switch, they would not really need the new Nintendo Switch revision. If they already have the old one, but for those who are on defense like myself this would give me more incentive.

I’m not really sure about that, but apparently the prices of microtransactions in Genshin Impact on the Playstation 4 and 5 is cheaper compared to other places. I think most people would love to pay just a few extra dollars in microtransactions on Playstation 4, just like every other platform. if they are presented with the option to play it in a cross save on every single device and not just the playstation 4.

We do not know what price, that miHoYo has to pay to have this cross save enabled on Playstation 4.

Being entangled with Sony this much is not really healthy for you or the player base. I get so many complaints about Playstation 4 users. They want to play games and impact on other devices and right now, when we have the release of a new nintendo switch revision not a pro a revision released one year later after.

I don’t really have a reason to get a Nintendo Switch at all.

The concept of just having Genshin Impact on a different device and being able to have more options and not just being limited to playstation 4 or 5. It is just something, that should be the normal at this point, because exclusivity deal that miHoYo has with playstation 4 in my own opinion is just not worth it at all.
It would have been a year, since the release of Genshin Impact. So, maybe the exclusivity deal is only a year long and it would be a good incentive for people like myself. Reason to finally get a Nintendo Switch under the assumption, that there isn’t controller support for android, which at this point. I think miHoYo is never will do, but that is just my own opinion.


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