When is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Travis Scott
Travis Scott

When is Travis Scott coming back to Fortnite? In this article, I want to speak about all the news and all the leaks, we do have so far about the return of the Travis Scott skin. The Travis Scott skin one was actually updated, from of course the last time it did come out back in chapter 2, season 4. Of course, lots of people were wondering, when we was gonna see it. So, we are still don’t know why this skin hasn’t returned and when it will be returning.

It’s now chapter 3, season 2 and we’re still waiting for the Travis Scott skin to return.

Of course, lots of people are very annoyed, because this is one of their most favorite skins and they just want to see it return back to the Fortnite item shop. Now I know there are some reasons, why the Travis Scott skin hasn’t returned and I want to tell about it. Before I tell you, I do not actually believe like this 100%. This is only from speculations, but this could be true.

So, Travis Scott is actually having a lawsuit against Nike.

You know, that he was going to be using their shoes on the Travis Scott skin. Basically, he had to actually like pay them and it’s still ongoing right now. People were saying, that this is the reason. So, Fortnite developers don’t really want to get involved in it and of course have a lawsuit with Nike. They’ve literally just had a lawsuit with Apple and it’s not really going to be a good situation for them.

Yes, J Balvin does have the Nike shoes on his skin.

Of course, he most likely did actually go ahead and speak to Nike about using it. So, of course, that was probably the reason why he could actually use the shoes. As you know Travis Scott skin is one of the most wanted skins to return. The main reason, they haven’t returned it – they do know that people want to see it return. If they do hype the skin up as much as possible, they will actually go ahead and make more sales from it. Of course people will be buying V-bucks and leakers will be leaking any info. Basically, they are just trying to keep it out of the item shop as much as they can, until hype does die down and they will actually go ahead and release it. And of course, that is really all the speculations and news about the Travis Scott skin.


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