Where are all the bunker chests in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
bunker chests in Fortnite

Where are all the bunker chests in Fortnite? In this article, I want to teach you how to get them. Now, you would anticipate that it would be easy at these new sites, but in reality, it is much more challenging than you think it will be. If you make the trip all the way over to Sweaty Sands, of course you can.

The first location at is inside the Pleasant Park.

After that, you proceed to a wooden house that is yellow in color. The only thing you want to accomplish here is to wreck the bunk a little bit. Pass through the door, and once inside, look to your right to see if you can spot the strange chest. If I’m not mistaken, the only way to acquire P90 is through the process of crafting it. Nonetheless, this chest ought to include a scar that resembles a pump. Something comparable to any of the legendary or epic weapons, except that particular place is the first one. It’s in Pleasant Park, and it looks kind of like a house with a bunker underneath it.

The second location, that you can find these mythic chests is actually at Crockett Cliffs.

To go to the location marked “far up at the very top of the map,” all you have to do is climb to the top of this sort of modest building located over here. If you intend to destroy a gate, the chest that contains the mythological items you need to do it should be inside the gate. In this approach, you’ll be able to locate a room that serves a role similar to that of a garage. After you have successfully destroyed the wall, the legendary treasure will be located within the room.

The third location to find these exotic chests is actually our Steamy Stacks.

You only need to go to a multi-building complex that contains four different structures. After that, you will want to destroy a floor over here, and after that, you will want to destroy a wall over there to the left. It is impossible to demonstrate for some unknown reason. The next step is to report to a location known as camp. It’s kind of like a teeny tiny island at the very bottom of the map. In Fortnite, you can locate treasure boxes known as bunker chests in one of three different locations. If you wish to shatter a floor at this house, you can go to this house and do it.


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