Where are all the bunker chests in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
bunker chests in Fortnite

Where are all the bunker chests in Fortnite? In this article, I want to teach you how to get them. Now, you would expect it to be at these new locations, but it’s actually like harder than you think. If you come all the way over to Sweaty Sands.

The first location at is inside the Pleasant Park.

Then you go over to a yellow wooden house. All you want to do is destroy the bunk a bit down here. Go through the door and hopefully over here you can is the exotic chest. I don’t think you can get P90, unless you craft them, but in this chest should i be like a scar, a pump. Something like any of the legendary or epic weapons, but that’s the first location. It’s at Pleasant Park and it’s in like the house with the bunker under it.

The second location, that you can find these mythic chests is actually at Crockett Cliffs.

So, all the way on the top of the map and all you want to do is go over to kind of a little building here. You want to destroy a gates then inside should be your mythic chest. Over to here this little kind of garage area. Break the wall and then inside to here is the mythic chest.

The third location to find these exotic chests is actually our Steamy Stacks.

All you want to do is go to a four building. Then you want to destroy a floor here and then after that, you want to destroy a wall to the left. For some reason, it can’t be shown. Next, hand over to the place called camp. It’s like this little island at the bottom of the map. There’s three locations, where you can find bunker chests in Fortnite . You can go to this house, then you want to break a floor here.


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