Where are all the npcs in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
all the npcs in Fortnite

Where are all the npcs in Fortnite? In this article, I want to tell you about all the locations of npc’s and bosses inside of Fortnite.

The Foundation is now moved to the location, where scientists used to be last season, inside of the Sanctuary.

He sells the storm scout and he’s in the building on the big hill inside of the Sanctuary. So, you’ll find him here, selling a little rifle there. Next npc is the Visitor. He’s going to be located in his same location as last season on the island. He’ll be selling some shock waves and even the boom sniper rifle. The visitor is one of my most favorite npcs. Sadly, he can no longer be hired, but he can be located on this island up here.

The Scientist has now moved across the entire map.

He’s going to be located in the desert on the very south of the map. Now, the Scientist is going to be inside of the hall building – the battle buses, which is just located outside of Chonker speedways. You’ll find him here and he does sell a storm scout as well, which it looked like it was the dub. Well, Quackling is a not a new npc, but the same location. This one does offer a six shooter as well. It looks like every npc is going to be offering a exotic weapon this season.

Guaco is now located inside of Greasy, but he’s moved into the roof of one of the houses, rather than being in the restaurant. You can see near him the foodie battalion, awaits orders. The next one is Peely, who’s going to be located inside the Daily Bugle. Mankick has also rotated over to the Rocky Reels. You can find him in his little base. All the npcs seem to be situated inside in their little kind of like corridor bases.

Ludwig, who’s part of the Jonesy family.

You’ll find Ludwig in the Joneses POI. He also offers some meat and the dub, which is a lot of people’s favorite shotgun. Huntmaster Saber is a brand new boss. He’s located on top of the Blimp. You can take him out and he’ll give you access to the brand new a mythic weapon, which is going to be there. The doctor Sloane, probably one of the most famous characters in Fortnite. She is going to be located just on the north west side of Tilted. You’ll be able to eliminate her to get her mythical item, if you would like access to the Sloane striker burst rifle. Finally, we have Gunner. He’s going to be located inside of the Covert Cavern location. He still remains in his same spot and he’s an awesome npc.


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