Where are phone booths in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
phone booths in Fortnite

Where are phone booths in Fortnite? In this article, I want to tell you about locations and how to use a phone booth as Clark Kent. If you don’t want to be mistaken, these are not the telephones, where you talk to the Doctor Sloane. It’s actually a phone booth and I will reveal you the exact locations.

First one will be next to the gas station.

It only spawns in solo so keep that in mind. Solo, duo or squad, maybe yes, but I doubt, that it would work. The first phone booth will be next to the Holy Hatchery gas station. Exactly to the left wall.

The next one is near the farm. You can find it near the Corny Complex. Just go towards a gas station, it’s to the east from the complex. This one is harder to find, that’s why i’m having it as a secondary location.

The next location is at Craggy Cliffs. You can see the phone booth exactly in the middle of this locatin. You can find it near the meowskis banner or billboard. Next up, we have the location at Misty Meadows, right next to the white bus stop. You can find the final phone booth here and complete the quest. I’m not sure about that, but going to either of these locations will be enough to complete this quest.

So, why do you need these phone booths in Fortnite?

These locations will be enough to complete quest. You get the secret identity built-en-emote, the superman skin, styled like Clark Kent. Also, you get the superman kal-el’s care glider. For the other items, you will have to complete epic quests. These are the weekly purple challenges, you might to complete so far. If this article did help you out, please be sure to leave a comment down below.


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