Where are the artifacts in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx

Artifacts in Fortnite

Every week, new alien artifacts show up on the island. You will need them to unlock many styles for the Kymera skin. The first artifact of week 10 can be found at the Shark landmark. It’s located north of Coral Castle. There are a lot of destroyed structures in there, with a tower in the middle of the location. This is an old elevator shaft. Make your way to the ground floor and get behind the tower. There’s an elevator door. You can pickaxe to get access to the object and add four small artifacts to your locker.

Shanty Town is the location of the second artifact that must be located. This is the landmark that may be found to the west of the Slurpee Swamp. If you go to the building that is closest to Slurpee, you will be able to see the wooden steps leading up to your apartment on the side of the bottom section of that building. You have the ability to locate the artifact and acquire it.

You should move on to the next site, which means you have to head to Stumpy Ridge at this point. It is situated in the middle of a sighing forest and foggy meadows. It serves as a landmark due to the many locks that are on the trucks and is located close to Hydro 16. There is a spot on the opposite side of the road that has trees arranged in the shape of a triangle. Make your way to this place to find the artifact.

Artifact number four

The satellite station is the location of the fourth artifact that must be located. It is the one that is located in close proximity to Camp Cod and the Misty Meadows. From the peak of the snow-covered mountain, you can see the IO base that is located close to the fence that denotes the base’s perimeter. You will see a blue container land next to it, and you will need to enter it in order to retrieve the relic.

One of these artifacts can be found at the weather station. It’s located south of Gadi Corner. It’s the landmark with the satellites and a helipad on top of a snowy mountain. Behind the house on the left, you can find some solar panels. You can see the artifact under one of these pendulums. Pickaxe your way through and collect the last artifact of the week. Then collect all the items to add a total of 20 small artifacts to your locker. Here you can see all the week’s 10 alien artifact locations on the island! Make sure you check out my other articles; I will be posting the new artifact locations again.


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