Where are the beach parties in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
beach parties in Fortnite

Where are the beach parties in Fortnite? It’s a challenge, that says dance at different beach parties. There are six locations on the map. All you need to do is just emote at any of these beach parties. In this article, I will reveal you all six locations.

So, you can find the first one near the gas station, just south of Paradise Palms.

Do a quick emote and that one will be done. Next one location. If you just want a little bit north to a broken bridge on your way to Mega Mall, you will find a little oasis. Also, you will see here a kind of thing with a taco stands and a taco truck as well. Then, once you come over here, just emote like I mentioned.

I do want to mention, that a lot of you can get in probably one or two games at max, because you could just jump in the air stream. There’s at least four of them, that are on the air stream. Just land at each of beach parties in Fortnite, dance and then back up to the air stream to go to the next location. The next location is neat the Lazy Lagoon. It’s very on the top of the map, just north of Lazy lagoon and all the rest of the jungle area.

So, once you are done with this one, hop back on the air stream.

Head south toward Tilted Tower. It’s just outside, you have Tilted tower on your way over to Salty Springs. and Dusty Divot. So, go over to the air base over by Salty Springs and then come over here to Dusty Divot. It’s very simple! Obviously, it will be a hot drop, if you do land without guns. So, I do recommend to go to this kind of route, because that will be the most efficient.


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