Where are the car parts in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx

car parts

Car parts in Fortnite

I want to tell you how you can collect car parts in Fortnite. So, there are three different locations you need to go to. i want to tell you exactly, where they’re at. So, hopefully, this does help you out. So the first place, that you do want to land at the Junkyard. It’s right next to Dirty Docks if you have not been here yet. So, you can do this in team rumble. I did this in team rumble, just because, then you can actually respawn and you can redeploy as well. So here’s the location of the very first part. You can go up to this part here, and it’s gonna tell you to interact with it. All you have to do is just hold a square to collect that.

Second car part

The second one is also here, at the Junkyard. You can find it in a parking garage. Although, it did take me a minute to find the second car part. So, by the time, I did find the part, the storm had come and it was not good. In order, to find the second part, what you want to do is go over by big orange machine and to the right of it you can find another part. So, that’s the second location right here. If this article will help you, take a second to drop a comment down below. In the third part, the location isn’t too far away, over here at dirty docks. This one was a little bit harder to find, but as you fly in, you want to land right above the t on the map. So, look at Dirty Docks on the map and land right at the t in the word dirty. Then just go over to a blue crate and you will find the third part. So, hopefully, this guide helped you out!


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