Where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
chocolate boxes in Fortnite

In this article, I want to tell you where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite. Also, how you can collect all of the secret hearts, in order to complete this challenge. There’s a bunch of different chocolate boxes in Fortnite , that you do need to collect. The first is over here at Pleasant Park. At each of the locations, there’s actually two different boxes, that you can collect.

The first place you want to go to is Pleasant Park. You’re going to notice here, a modern house. You need to land at the top, if you can and on the top floor, it is a dresser, it’s where you’re going to find the first set of chocolates to collect. After that, if it doesn’t count or if you do need to go get another one, go to the yellow house. There’s going to be another box of chocolates in here. It’s really easy to collect, you need to go through the front door and head to the left and you will find another box of chocolates.

The next place is Holly Hedges.

If you land, just look for the three-story building with the hedges in front of it. Go through the front door, head to the left and you’re gonna notice another box of chocolates on a table. There’s actually another location here at Holly Hedges you can go to. Just head over to the park and there’s going to be another box of chocolates, left behind on the bench.

There’s two more boxes at Retail Row, that are pretty easy to get.

You’re going to notice a bunch of different buildings. At the right building, just go upstairs and head to the front of the bedroom and you’re gonna find another box of chocolates. There’s actually one final box, if for some reason you still need it. Head over to the grocery store or head over to noms, it’s right across the street and you will find another box of chocolates on the cast register.


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