Where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
chocolate boxes in Fortnite

In this article, I want to tell you where are the chocolate boxes in Fortnite. Also, in order to successfully accomplish this task, what is the best way to find all of the hidden hearts? In order to progress through Fortnite, you will need to amass a variety of chocolate boxes. The first one can be found just around these parts, in Pleasant Park. You can actually acquire one of two unique boxes from each of the places, so don’t worry about missing out.

You should begin your journey by going to Pleasant Park as soon as you can. You are going to see that this location features a contemporary residence. You have to make it to the very top if at all possible since there is a dresser on the very top floor. That is where the first group of chocolates for your collection will be located in their wrappers. After that, proceed to the yellow house in the event that it doesn’t count or in the event that you do need to go obtain another one. It looks like this place is going to have room for one more box of chocolates. Collecting it is not at all difficult. You only need to step through the entrance door and head to the left to locate another box of chocolates; they are on the left side of the room.

The next place is Holly Hedges.

If you land, you merely need to seek for the structure that is three stories tall and has hedges in front of it. After entering the building through the main door, turn to the left and you will see an additional box of chocolates displayed on a table. In this very same neighborhood of Holly Hedges, there is in fact a second location that you can visit. Just head on over to the park, and there will be another box of chocolates forgotten on the bench there. There is no need to bring anything.

There’s two more boxes at Retail Row, that are pretty easy to get.

You are likely to see a wide variety of structures around the area. You just need to go upstairs in the correct building, turn left when you get to the front of the bedroom, and there will be another box of chocolates there for you. There is, in fact, one more box available, in case, for whatever reason, you still require it. Get yourself to the supermarket or to Noms as soon as you can. You can find another box of chocolates on the cash register at the establishment that is directly across the street from you.


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