Where are the claw marks in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
claw marks in Fortnite

Where are the claw marks in Fortnite? We can’t even play as Wolverine, yet we can go ahead and do his challenges. Alright, first things in order to unlock Wolverine, you need simply go to into Team Rumble. I’ll tell you where exactly these claw marks in Fortnite. Basically, all three of these claw mark locations are inside of Weeping Woods. The first of which is up at this watch tower, that looks over the entirety of the location. If you go inside of this watch tower and look specifically for the fridge, you will see the claw marks on the front of it. So, simply walk up to it. You don’t have to search it or anything.

That will complete the first part of the challenge.

After that, since you’re in Team Tumble, you can just jump off from this tower and glide over towards the area with trees. You want to go between these trees, because specifically you are trying to find a building. The next one requires you to come to the most northern house in the Weeping Woods. The one with the bathrooms inside of it. So, go inside of the right door and then you will be able to find the second set of claw marks. This set on the front of the stall. So, again, just walk up to them, don’t have to search them. That will complete the second part.

After that, simply exit outside of the building, head over towards the RV park.

It’s in the bottom right corner of the Weeping Woods. The furthest one away right over here has the third set of claw marks on the side of it. Basically, right beneath the surface you can find the final claw marks in Fortnite. Once, you get over to those, you will fully complete the challenge and unlock the brand new spray. For example, The Berserker Barrage spray.


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