Where are the holiday trees in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
holiday trees in Fortnite

In this article I want to cover all of the different holiday tree locations within Winterfest. This would be especially useful for the challenge for such a treasure chest, underneath our holiday tree. The firt one you can find in the Daily Bugle. It is going to be right next to the main building. The holiday trees in Fortnite will have these chests underneath them, three possible spawn rates under each tree. They’re not always going to be there, if you’re in a normal game. So, the one chest indeed bugle.

Next up over at Coney Crossroads.

On the map it’s going to be on the south. Next one, you can find at the Sanctuary. There you’ll find the rock npc or the foundation npc. I should say, that in the Sanctuary, you can finn a holiday tree right in the middle. It’s just out in the middle of the open and this is where the holiday tree at the Sanctuary. Next one at the Joneses, this is where the another holiday tree. So, on the map, it’s sort of in the top left corner of this poi.

Next up, you need to head over to Trunks Speedway.

Over at trunker’s speedway, it is going to be exactly near brick house. The holiday tree here with all the chests underneath it. You can find one of these trees at Rocky Reels. It’s going to be sort of near or not quite near the middle but, it’s going to be out in the open. Next up is Greasy Grove. You’ve got the main taco building and then just out front of it, you can find this christmas tree. One holiday tree in Cam Cuddle. It’s basically just in the middle of the whole campgrounds. The last one, but not least, it’s going to be over at Shifty Shafts. You can notice the tree right in the bottom left hand corner. If you have any questions about the holiday trees in Fortnite or anything, that i covered in this article, comment down below.


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