Where are the spooky tv sets in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
spooky tv sets

This challenge is pretty simple and easy! This is Foreshadowing quest and it says destroy spooky tv sets. This quest looks very stange. In the game lobby you can see the unknown character, who has no face and no name. It says, that all unauthorized broadcasts must be terminated. Basically, all you have to do is destroy them and thats all.

The first tv can be found on the coast to the west of Sweaty Sands.

It’s to the left of Fort Crumpet. If somebody does destroy it, do not worry about it. You could also destroy on top of that. Just press intract button on spooky tv sets. Also, make sure you do solo, because it is really important.If you don’t want to be traveling or you don’t be be running, just leave the game. The locations are pretty far away.

The secons tv can be found on a small sandy island at Craggy Clifs. There’s the radio tower near this location. So, the tv is located just northwest of that as well. It’s a bizarre place to have a tv, but there it is right dead center in this little island. You can easily find the tv, beacuse this island is very empty. Also, you can break the chair!

The third location is near Dirty Docks.

The tv can be found on near some trees in the hills. It’s just to the left a little bit of Dirty Docks, once more in the middle of nowhere. I guess, it’s a little southwest not directly left but southwest. The next one is just northeast from Holly Hedges. there’s a big tree right here, that you can use as a landmark. It’s not hard at all, I could complete this in less than eight minute. So, if you could do it, you get 25 000 xp on top of that.


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