Where are the spooky tv sets in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
spooky tv sets

This challenge is pretty simple and easy! This is the Foreshadowing quest, and it instructs you to break any scary television sets you find. This quest seems to have some extremely odd requirements. You can see the anonymous character in the game lobby. This character does not have a face and does not have a name. It requires that any and all transmissions that are not permitted be stopped immediately. To put it simply, all that is required of you is to destroy them, and that is it.

The first TV can be found on the coast to the west of Sweaty Sands.

The entrance can be found off to the left of Fort Crumpet. You should not be concerned about it even if someone else destroys it. You also have the option of destroying it after that. On eerie TV sets, all you have to do is press the engage button. In addition to this, it is imperative that you carry out the task on your own. Leave the game if you don’t want to be moving around or running if you don’t feel like doing either of those things. The locations are quite separated from one another.

On a tiny sandy island in the middle of Craggy Clifs is where you’ll find the Secons TV.

The radio tower is located in the vicinity of this spot. Therefore, the television is situated directly to the north-northwest of that. It’s in the exact middle of this tiny island, which seems like an odd spot for a television to be, but there it is. Because there are so few people on this island, it should not be difficult for you to locate the television. You run the risk of breaking the chair, too!

The third location with spooky tv sets is near Dirty Docks.

The television is hidden in the hills, close to a group of trees. It is located directly to the left of a little section of Dirty Docks, which is once again in the middle of nowhere. I would say it’s a little to the southwest, not quite to the left but more toward the southwest. The one after that can be found immediately to the north of Holly Hedges. You can make use of this significant tree that stands right here as a signpost. It is not difficult at all to find out where are spooky tv sets. This could be finished in fewer than eight minutes if I concentrated. If you are successful, you will receive an additional 25,000 experience points on top of that.


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