Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Waterfalls in Fortnite

Waterfalls in Fortnite

I want to tell you how to visit all of the different waterfalls in Fortnite. Therefore, the first place is in the desert, and it is directly next to the small junkyard. If you go around the back of a mountain, you’ll find that there’s a river there. Also, you’ll also observe that the water goes totally off the map. You will need to come here in order to locate the first waterfall in order to successfully accomplish the overtime challenge.

Therefore, once you have landed here, you will notice progress for landing at several waterfalls. Once you have accomplished this, you may just continue on to the following site without making any further stops. The next waterfall is located directly below Lucky Landing, and it is accessible after this one. A second, smaller waterfall may be found in this area, and it leads directly off the edge of the map. This waterfall is located to the west of Lucky Landing, in the event that you are having problems locating it.

Find another waterfall

In the area that spans from the racetrack to Little Mexico, there is another waterfall waiting for you to discover it. You only have a short amount of time to look at this waterfall before moving on to the next one, so make the most of it. Following this waterfall, you will really be able to go to the following waterfall, which is situated in close proximity to the Tilted Towers. It actually runs off to a little rock that is located adjacent to Tilted Towers, and the very next waterfall can be found at this place. Consequently, once you have finished admiring this cascade, make a beeline for Salute Lake. There are a few tiny waterfalls in this area of Loot Lake. However, I’m not entirely certain that they will be included in the tally.

There are actually three of them, and they might count towards the challenge.

After that, you’re going to be heading over to a location that is right behind the Block and Lazy Links. So, just look for the little river that ends on the edge of the map, and that’s where you’re going to be able to find this very next waterfall. So, after this waterfall, just head on into Lonely Lodge. If you still need to collect some more waterfalls, there’s one really small one that not many people know about, over here in Lonely. So, once you get into Lonely Lodge, just look for the little sign and you’re going to see that there’s a small, tiny little waterfall.


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