Where are the waterfalls in Fortnite?

by Dealon Brounx
Waterfalls in Fortnite

Waterfalls in Fortnite

I want to tell you how to visit all of the different waterfalls in Fortnite. So, you can find the first location in the desert right by the little junkyard. If you swing around behind mountain, you’ll actually see a river and that the water runs off completely off the map. Here is where you be able to find first waterfall to complete overtime challenge. So, once you land here, you will see progress for landing at different waterfalls and after you do this, you can just head straight on over to the next location. So, after this you can find another waterfall right behind Lucky Landing. There’s another little waterfall here, that runs right off the edge of the map. If you are having trouble finding it, this waterfall is to the west of Lucky Landing.

Find another waterfall

You’re gonna be able to find another waterfall in between the racetrack and Little Mexico. So, just visit this waterfall really quickly and then you can go straight on to the next one. After this waterfall, you can actually head over to the waterfall that’s right next to Tilted towers. It is actually runs off to a little rock, next to Tilted towers and this is the location of the very next waterfall. So, after this waterfall here be sure to swing over in Salute Lake. I’m not really sure, if these are gonna count, but there’s some little waterfalls here in Loot lake. There’s actually three of them and they might count towards the challenge. After that, you’re gonna be heading over to a location, that is right behind the Block and Lazy links. So, just look for the little river, that ends on the edge of the map and that’s where you’re gonna be able to find this very next waterfall. So, after this waterfall just head on into Lonely Lodge. If you still need to collect some more waterfalls, there’s one really small one, that not many people probably know about, over here in Lonely. So, once you get into Lonely Lodge, just look for the little sign and you’re gonna seen that there’s a small tiny little waterfall.


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